#Dragon Ball Super” leaked a preview image of Caulifla’s new transformation featuring her newfound bulkiness and ripped biceps. Yonkou Productions dropped the Episode 100 spoiler via their Twitter account. It was initially ascribed to DBS Episode 99 but that was corrected immediately.

Harry Price was quick to present a link validating the authenticity of the preview image. He tweeted that the link directs to the original image on #Fuji TV's website in Japan.

Caulifla’s epic new transformation

Let's go back to Caulifla of Universe 6. Ken Xyro mentioned in his Episode 100 synopsis translation that she will be trying to learn how to transform into a Saiyan Blue. She witnessed the transformation in Episode 98 and was deeply moved by its power. She will make an unlikely move and ask Goku, her enemy, to teach her how to become a Saiyan Blue.

The synopsis ends with a “but” and this “but” suggests that Caulifla may not be able to transform into a Saiyan Blue, but instead, she will achieve another level above her #Super Saiyan 2 transformation.

We have seen this muscle-packed transformation before with Future Trunks, both in “Dragon Ball Z” and “Dragon Ball Super.” Vegeta and Son Goku have also exhibited this kind of build sometime in the Z era.

Goku was able to achieve the same bulkiness after leveling up to Super Saiyan Third Grade.

This kind of transformation reminds us of Broly. On that note, the bulkiness of those muscles becomes a factor that slows down the person's optimal speed. In the case of Caulifla, the bulking of her muscles could be a halfway point to another Super Saiyan grade.

Now the question is whether she’ll successfully achieve the Blue Saiyan transformation or level up to Super Saiyan third grade?

According to alternative spoilers

We also have Ken Xyro’s alternative “Dragon Ball Super” spoilers about Caulifla’s storyline which you might have probably read already. It says that Kale will suddenly go berserk and take on one fighter after another. She will not even listen to Caulifla’s pleading. Jiren will intervene and defeat her.

Another spoiler goes in-depth about what’s happening in Episode 100. It says that after asking Goku to teach her to transform into a Saiyan Blue, she will be engrossed in practicing how to transform into her Blue form.

This will make Kale grow envious of Goku. The synopsis ends with by indicating that Kale's outrage may have been caused by the budding chemistry between Caulifla and Goku.

Caulifla’s new transformation scene is likely to happen at the end of Episode 100 and will serve as the cliffhanger for the next episode.

Meanwhile, “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 100 airs Sunday, July 23.