#Dragon Ball Super Universal Survival Arc kicked off in February 2017 in the anime’s 77th episode, and the Tournament of Power has finally commenced. The Omni-King’s battle royal pits all 80 fighters from the eight participating universes to save their homes from the obliteration of the King of Universes. Team Universe 9 has been defeated by Vegeta and #Goku when the two fighters transformed into Super #Saiyan Blue.

Apparently, the galaxy has been destroyed, and there will be six more universes in danger of destruction soon, and team Universe 7 had suffered its first loss when Krillin was defeated. However, fans might not worry about the team’s possible loss because Goku’s new dominant form has been teased and it appears extremely terrifying.

Will Goku’s new powerful transformation champion his team?

Todd Blankenship earlier today shared his English translation of “Dragon Ball Super” by Weekly Shonen Jump’ latest magazine issue, which provides more information about Goku’s mysterious new transformation. “What does this new back say?!” the most recent issue reads. “Goku’s tense back — this new visual signifies that something terrible is going to happen!! Don’t miss a second.”

According to Blankenship, the term “terrible” that the magazine is referring to can be something unexpected or impossible. He went on to say that there’s going to be a dreadful thing to happen in the tournament, which might hit a combination of vagueness and impressiveness.

It can be recalled when “Dragon Ball Super” producer Hiroyuki Sakurada teased Goku’s new form when he released a statement for the anime’s Universal Survival arc’s key visual.

In his statement, the producer said that Goku attempts to “break new ground” to fight against the most powerful opponents in the Tournament of Power.

Although it was a vague teaser, fans are quick to speculate that Goku will tap another new powerful transformation to save his home from the hands of the Zen-Oh’s destruction. Others suggest that this new possible form can be stronger than his other transformations such as Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue.

The Tournament of Power

The “Dragon Ball Super” deadly martial arts tournament has brought the former emperor of evil, Frieza back to life to represent team Universe 7 in the battle royal. We say deadly because the losing teams will be wiped out by the Zen-Oh, which means that millions of inhabitants in the galaxy will also be part of it. Goku will possibly tap into a new form that he has never unleashed before in order to save his family, friends and the entire universe. After all, he is the Earth’s greatest defender.

Do you think that Goku will have a new powerful form in “Dragon Ball Super”?