With summer ongoing, there’s no better time to catch up on all of the amazing anime. While it may be daunting to start and stick with a series, there are quite a few shows that stand out that deserve priority for being so witty, funny, emotional, inspiring, and heartwarming. These stories leave a big impact after you’ve finished watching them and you’ll most likely already be researching about the next season if it ended on a cliffhanger. With that being said, here are the top three animes you should watch this summer.


Originally a Japanese manga, “Noragami," is a supernatural comedy show filled with funny moments and badass fight scenes.

The story follows a minor god of calamity named Yato who struggles with earning followers. In an attempt to gain popularity, the god only charges five yen for every wish people ask him. Unfortunately, these requests are usually mundane and involve simple things like cleaning.

According to Kotaku, Yato encounters a girl named Hiyori Iki who constantly slips in and out of her physical body after an accident. She hires Yato to help fix her body which leads to an unexpected friendship. Yato also encounters a wandering spirit of a boy named Yukine and the three friends get caught up in the god's various schemes to become famous and eventually even learn more about his dark past. While there is still no update about the third season, you can watch the first two seasons right now.

‘Your Life in April’

Your Lie in April” has become one of the most popular shows over the past for years for its meaningful story about love and growing up all bundled together in 22 episodes.

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The story follows troubled teenager Arima Kousei, who cannot move on from the emotional scars of his past. Despite being a child prodigy in the world of music, Arima “lost” the ability to hear music when playing the piano and gets severe stage anxiety when performing. However, everything begins to change when he meets the alluring and mysterious Kaori Miyazono who marches to her own beat. If you’re looking for a good tear jerker show, you should definitely add “Your Lie in April” to your anime bucket list.

‘Yuri on Ice’

This figure skating anime begins with protagonist Yuuri Katsuki suffering a crushing defeat in the Grand Prix Finals. Hitting a bump in his career, Yuuri decides to return to his home in Japan where he is openly welcomed by his friends and family despite his loss. Yuuri takes to the local ice skating rink in an attempt to practice his passion while the children of his friend record his iconic performance. In turn, Russian skater Viktor Nikiforov catches wind of Yuuri’s location and travels to Japan to coach him for an upcoming tournament. “Yuri On Ice” is praised for its portrayal of same-sex romance and for tackling mental health issues like anxiety. Due to its popularity, Geek reports that it will be getting an animated film soon.