Wonder Woman” is on the right track to win box office in its second weekend, while a new monster film “The Mummy” is expected to be placed second. Patty Jenkin’s film is doing well at the global box office. It managed to earn over $103 million globally in just a few days.

With the smashing success of “Wonder Woman,” Warner Bros. has announced a sequel and Patty Jenkins may serve as a director. No doubt, “Wonder Woman” and “The Mummy” have been the two major releases this summer. It is now being expected that Alex Kurtzman’s monster film will give a tough competition to Gal Gadot-starred movie.

Which film will break the records?

Obviously, “Wonder Woman” has high chances to break the box office records of “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2” and “Beauty and the Beast.” But this doesn’t mean “The Mummy” is not going to impress the audiences. In fact, critics claim that this monster film will make at least $50 million in its opening weekend. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal has plans to develop a “Dark Universe” movie, but its fate depends on how well “The Mummy” performs at the box office. Given that the “Dark Universe” franchise is interconnected with monster movie reboots, we are hoping that the studio will begin its development by the end of this year.

Two mega-budget films

Fortunately, “Wonder Woman” opened to positive reviews with many critics praising the cinematography while others are admiring Gal Gadot’s performance. On the other hand, Kurtzman and Tom Cruise’s new film “The Mummy” opened to relatively poor reviews with many critics lamenting its action sequences and others claim that the film has a lack of charm and thrills.

In case, “The Mummy” does not perform well at the global box office, Universal may cancel its plans to develop a reboot and two sequels. Also, there are high chances that the studio won’t continue with the production of its “Dark Universe” film.

Forbes reports that “The Mummy” is expected to earn $40 million in North America and Canada in its opening weekend.

It is obviously lower than what “Wonder Woman” made in its opening weekend ($100 million). So, there is no chance that “The Mummy” will beat out “Wonder Woman,” “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2,” and “Beauty and the Beast.” This film has been developed with a budget of $125 million and opened in more than 60 international markets. On the other hand, “Wonder Woman” is produced with a budget of $120 million and opened in 80 major markets in the world.

Also, this summer saw some major flops including “Baywatch and “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.” “Alien: Covenant,” on the other hand, is an underwhelming summer film.