A lot of things have been said right after a site confirmed that "Dragon Ball Super" will have up to 120 episodes. This site showed the release dates of the next Blu-Rays of the series. On top of it, they mentioned that the Tournament of Power would start in episode 97.

For those who are waiting or hoping to see the end of "Dragon Ball Super" right after the Tournament of Power, we have bad news for you. This site actually has only speculated about the release date of Volume 9 and 10 of the Blu-Rays, which in theory will contain the episodes from 97 to 108 and 109 to 120 respectively.

The truth about 'Dragon Ball Super'

After this, the people started to believe a bunch of theories that then became “false truths”, generating reactions through the internet with the news that "Dragon Ball Super" will only have 120 episodes.


The truth is, this show is barely in the previous episodes to the tournament and we highly doubt that this major event will only last so little that would lead us to the end of it in only 15 episodes.

On the other hand, Volumes 9 and 10 of the Blu-Rays have yet to be announced en Amazon. Only number 8 have been announced and it contains episodes from 85 to 95 of the anime.

So far, the only thing we have for certain is that the show will have at least 96 episodes, thanks to the volume 9 of the Blu-Ray, which has been already officially announced.

When will the show end?

Not so long ago, there was a mention on how many episodes would "Dragon Ball Super" have in total. It was said there could be around 300 episodes. However, at a personal thought, we think that may be too much, since all the sagas we’ve seen before are way too short, compared to what we have seen in "Dragon Ball Z" (They took more than 60 episodes per saga!).

On the other hand, in a recent interview, the manga drawer, Toyotaro has said that Akira Toriyama’s plan from the beginning was to make the show end right where the original manga from "Dragon Ball" ended.


So they would have to make the show cover those 10 years that passed in the original story, after the defeat of Kid Buu.

Having said this, we can think that we’ll see a couple of more sagas after the Tournament of Power, and we may even get to know more about the universes that were left aside from the tournament (Universe 1,5,8 and 12) due to their high mortality rate.

Then again, we have already seen more than once how time works in "Dragon Ball". Minutes that could last episodes and years that lasted one episode or two.

So at this point, anything could happen.

So far, this has been the latest news referring to the universe of "Dragon Ball". Wherever there’s more, we’ll be posting about it right away!