Since the beginning of the "Dragon Ball" series, and based on everything we know about it, Goku has always shown great skills. Since he was a little kid he proved that he had a natural flair to learn different techniques that have worked well to fight against his enemies. Thanks to this, Goku is considered one of the characters with more skills in the whole series. Furthermore, he has reached amazing powers that allow him to confront his powerful enemies that seemed to be invincible.

Could it be a new transformation?

In this new tournament that brings together all of the universes' warriors, the Saiyan of the seventh universe certainly will have a few tricks up his sleeve.

Maybe he will show us something bigger, like a new transformation that he could use with his skill of the Kaioken to increase his powers to levels that would exceed the other's warrior’s powers. Let’s remember that Goku has always trained and he would never stop increasing his powers to reach whole new limits. That's probably why the Saiyan will be really trusted the whole time.

Many people wait for the confrontation between Jiren and Goku. Apparently, this new warrior will be a real challenge for the Saiyan. Everybody assumes he has extremely huge Power and could be the only one who's able to take Goku to the limit where he releases all of his power. Because of this, we may see an extraordinary battle between these two guys. This fight claims to be one of the best of the series.

A new powerful warrior?

On the other hand, we can't rule out the possibility of a new warrior from one of the other universes, because Jiren may not be the strongest fighter everybody thinks he is.

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There are many warriors from the other universes that we haven't met yet who will participate in the power tournament. For example, the sixth universe has strong guys like Hit and his special skill to give time jumps. This helps a lot to defeat some warriors from the other universes, Saiyans like Cabba, Kale, and Caulifla also have great development potential. This allows them to increase their powers quickly. The other universes could have subjects with skills and new transformations, but all of this is still a mystery for all of us.

There's no doubt that the power tournament is an event where we'll see the most powerful guys of some universes and we'll be able to see their skills at fighting. There'll be new friendships and, of course, new enemies that could emerge at the end of the tournament.