While promoting the fifth installment in the highly popular “Transformers” franchise, “Transformers: The Last Knight,” the film’s star Mark Wahlberg revealed in an interview that he was no longer interested in starring in any Future Films in the franchise. The movie is currently showing in select theaters in the United States, with a worldwide release set next week, on June 21.

Getting is life back

The 46-year old actor, who replaced Shia LeBeouf when he left the franchise after “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show.

During the interview, the actor sort of explained his reasoning for leaving the highly popular franchise. According to the actor, he apparently just wanted his life back and “The Last Knight” was going to be his last “Transformers” movie.

Bad hair day

Wahlberg also joked that he also didn’t like sporting the long hair that was required by his character, Cade Yeager. He told that late night host that he actually looked like his mother back in the 70’s and that it was “really bad.” While the superficial reasons may not have been the actual cause for his quitting the franchise, the actor, unfortunately, did not discuss the topic any further during the interview.

The actor officially went on board the franchise in its fourth movie, “Transformers: Age of Extinction.” He is set to reprise his role in the upcoming movie along with Stanley Tucci as well as Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and John Turturro, who are returning from their previous appearances in the first three films.

A growing property

Due to the immense success of the original “Transformers” movie, which was released in 2007 and grossed over $700 million worldwide, the franchise has now ballooned to an entire series of films.

The upcoming fifth movie is set to be followed up by a spin-off “Bumblebee” solo movie that will be showcasing the original arrival of the Autobots to planet earth. The movie, which will essentially be a prequel, will star a younger age Bumblebee and entirely new set of human cast members rumored to include the singer and “Ender’s Game” actress Hailee Steinfeld.

Aside from the spin-off prequel, Hasbro is also planning to release a sixth installment in the franchise. The sixth movie is expected to be released inJune, 2019. There are currently several other scripts that have already been written for future films within the franchise, including a “G.I. Joe” crossover and an origin film tentatively called “Transformers One.”