Early projections had revealed that “The Mummy” will gross something from $40 to $60 million in its opening weekend, while “Wonder Woman” would make over $45 million in its opening weekend.

Fortunately, the Gal Gadot film debuted with $103 million at the box office while the Tom Cruise movie is looking at a dismal $23 million debut in North America. It is expected that “The Mummy” will scare up a strong $140 million globally to top the international charts.

This film opened in 4,321 major cinemas on June 9, 2017, and was one of the most anticipated summer movies. Despite its strong marketing and social media campaigns, the monster movie has not impressed the audiences and critics.

The box office report

The Mummy” unravels at the United States and United Kingdom box office in a blow for Cruise. The movie has received negative comments and a “C+” CinemaScore rating from audiences. On its opening day (June 9, 2017), “The Mummy” grossed $10 million from 4,032 theaters, which is far below than the opening of “Wonder Woman.” Unlike the original “Mummy” and “The Scorpion King,” the Tom Cruise film is being beaten out and will not stay in cinemas for long.

Directed by talented Patty Jenkins, “Wonder Woman” has earned over $16 million from Thursday night previews from 4,165 cinemas for a $51 million weekend, a drop of around 45%. It is one of the lowest drops ever for a Hollywood movie, so should not be taken seriously.

What’s next?

With this report, it is easy to say that “Wonder Woman” is a major and biggest hit this summer. The film has earned $164 million domestically through Thursday night previews and is expected to reach the $500 million mark in coming days. On the other hand, “The Mummy” is being pushed behind the competition of top summer movies. The studio spent over $125 million in its production and up to $90 million in international marketing and social media campaigns.

In coming weeks, the Tom Cruise film is expected to gross over $300 million from 64 major markets including Japan, China, India, Canada, and of course, the United States. In the United Kingdom, this film made $15 million in its opening weekend and may earn a lot more in coming weeks.

Directed and co-produced by Alex Kurtzman, “The Mummy” is a story of a princess (Boutella) who gets awakened from the crypt under the soil.

She is ready to threaten the humanity, while Tom Cruise is set to stop her from the evil mission.

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