“One #Punch #Man” is one of the best anime series ever produced and remains deeply rooted in the hearts of loyal fans. Upon learning that a sequel is now underway and a production team has already been put up, fandom started celebrating the long- missed series.

The hero hunter arc

According to Christian Post, the “One Punch Man” sequel is reportedly adopting an arc straight from the manga series' plot. Most fans are in favor of focusing on Garou's rise to becoming the main antagonist in the series.

But what should we expect if Garou rises to power and starts exploiting those under him? For starters, his character is also known as the Hero Hunter for his perfect affinity with martial arts and form.

He is both Master Bang's best and most terrifying student.

During his early days in the dojo, he severely injured his classmates while performing his martial arts routines. At a very young age, his character already showed a fierce and brutal aura hidden behind his stare. His master also known as Silver Fang, banned him from entering the dojo hoping that there was still a chance to halt his dark rising.

'One Punch Man 2018: Saitama’s return'

Garou's character is very fitting to complement Saitama's friendly personality. Having them clash in terms of personality and strength is a good kick starter for an epic rivalry which will surely draw much attention from the anime world. Many fans might have forgotten where Saitama's character went off to in the last season but his impressive and positive aura is wonderful.

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The two characters surely make a good match. Garou is known for nursing a hatred against the heroes which is a direct hint that he will never get along with Cape Baldy. Secondly, Hero Hunter is considered a threat by the Hero Association where Saitama is currently registered as a B-Class Rank 7 professional hero.

Season 2 of 'One Punch Man'

This exciting storyline made fans clamor for the announcement of the series' release date which remains unclear. Back in March 2017, Madhouse finally announced that "One Punch Man" #Season 2 is already in the works. In addition, posters and pictures of the production have been scattered all over the internet.

In addition, the show's voice actors have made a public announcement confirming their return next season. The cast members include Kaito Ishikawa (as "Genos"), Yuki Kaji (as "Sonic") and Makoto Furukuwa (as "Saitama"). They were the first credible sources to confirm the sequel. However, they opted for silence when asked for more details.