Pedro is one of the Minks aboard Thousand Sunny to retrieve Sanji from the fearful Emperor Big Mom. So far as the story goes, he is a trustworthy ally and a strong warrior. He is also familiar with Totto Land and the dangers of its waters. However, some questions need to be answered regarding his past.

The previous episode of “One Piece” shared some of his past and it was revealed that Pedro was once a pirate with Pekoms and he had ventured once Big Mom’s territory. Episode 790 also showed the deal made between Pedro and Luffy where Luffy will let Pedro steal the Road Poneglyph that is currently in Big Mom’s possession.

Pedro’s tragic past

In the past, Pedro captained a band of Mink seafarers as explorers to find Poneglyphs scattered all throughout the world.


However, the World Government nevertheless placed a bounty on the group where Pedro earned a 382 million belly bounty. The mink group was named Nox Pirates and continued their adventures as pirates.

Five years ago, the group ventured off to Totto Land, and the Big Mom Pirates utterly defeated the Nox Pirates. Pekoms defected from the group and joined the emperor, but the other crew was heavily punished. A mink named Zepo was forced to spin Big Mom’s roulette, and he received a 100-year penalty as punishment. With only 30 years left to live, Zepo was instantly killed.

Big Mom then turned to Pedro who managed to take Tamago’s left eye during the battle. The emperor demanded that the remaining 70 years should be given to Pedro, but Pekoms convinced the Emperor to reduce it to 60 years.

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To further ensure his survival, Pedro took out his left eye to compensate for Tamago’s loss. Big Mom was impressed, and she decided to reduce the taken lifespan to 50 years out of respect for Pedro’s will.

Pedro’s new mission

Back to the present, the Sanji Retrieval Team are stranded on a sea of starch syrup that solidified. They are melting the sugar to let the ship pass and away from an army of killer ants surrounding them. Somehow their conversation leads to the Road Poneglyphs and Pedro advised that since they are deep in Big Mom’s territory, they should take it together with Sanji. One way or another the Straw Hats will need the Poneglyph as the information within it is essential in locating Raftel and One Piece.


Retrieving Sanji is a big task for them and if coupled with stealing the ancient artifact will make the job near impossible to accomplish. So Pedro volunteered to take the Poneglyph while the other will proceed on saving Sanji. If all turned out well, the Straw Hats would have Sanji back, Jimbei will join their crew, and they will have a fragment of the ticket to Raftel and One Piece. However, they will have to overcome herculean tasks before it became a reality.