Through the years, the quality of “One Piece” episodes goes on a cycle rather than a total decline and the Whole Cake Island arc is no exemption. The current arc is like a roller coaster ride where there are parts that are incredibly exciting, and there are some parts that are slow and tedious. However, there are times when the series will deliver an outstanding episode that anyone can admire in silence even without the dialogue. Episodes that reminds us of all the thing that we love about Luffy and the Straw Hats and episode 790 is one of them.

Jimbei leaves Big Mom Pirates

This week’s episode continued where the story left off last time when Jimbei informed the Big Mom that he has something important to discuss with her.


Big Mom sensed that the Knight of the Sea is defecting from her group and she seemed receptive to Jimbei’s request. The emperor told the fishman that as a pirate he should live freely, but his absence will be a significant loss for her, so she asks for compensation. Big Mom asked Jimbei to spin a roulette with symbols of arms, legs, heads and a skull that will decide what he will loose.

Last time, we were surprised to see Jimbei save the day by stopping the emperor from one of her crazy cravings and the latest episode explained us Jimbei’s sudden appearance. The main point of the episode was during a flashback hours before when Jimbei discussed with his crew his intentions to leave. The former Shichibukai admitted that he wants to join the Straw Hats on their journey and he believes that Luffy will inherit Gol D. Roger’s mantle as the Pirate King.

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The scene is very heartwarming and adorable as Jimbei’s comrades told their captain that they are more than happy to let him leave. The crew including the first mate Aladine said to Jimbei that he had done enough for other people’s welfare for one lifetime and he should now follow his dreams. The moment is truly a genuine “One Piece” hour where the episode perfectly captured the original well-drawn art and simple but nostalgic music choices.

Jimbei as Straw Hat’s helmsman?

All in all, the Straw Hat’s is almost complete, and the essential roles on the ship are mainly filled up. The group has a captain, a navigator, swordsman, sniper, shipwright, musician, chef, doctor and an archaeologist. The only spot that was left available was a permanent helmsman that can drive a ship skillfully.


So far, the Straw Hats are taking turns in driving Sunny, and with Jimbei’s addition, the group will have an able helmsman.

As a fishman, Jimbei is an accomplished helmsman, and there is no one more familiar with the sea more than him. The fishman showcased his skills during the escape from Impel Down when he steered a massive and unfamiliar Marine battleship. The Knight of the Sea not only successfully drove a stolen ship but also managed to dodge multiple cannon fires from over a dozen of chasing battleships.

If the Straw Hats manage to retrieve Sanji successfully, they will not only have their chef back, but they will also have a new teammate and helmsman.

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