After months of waiting, the latest episode of “One Piece” saw the Sanji retrieval team as they finally arrive at Whole Cake Island to stop Sanji’s arranged wedding. Just as discussed by Luffy and Pedro, the jaguar mink split from the Straw Hats to get a copy of Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph. Meanwhile, our happy band of pirates ventured into a forest made mostly of candies. Inside the Willy Wonka-esque forest, Luffy and the gang saw Sanji but instead of reuniting with his comrades, Sanji didn’t say anything and ran away from the rest of the Straw Hats.

Candy Wonderland

Last episodes focus is the Knight of the Seas, Jimbei as he attempts to break away from clutches of Big Mom. The cliffhanger ending left off when Big Mom is forcing to spin a roulette to determine what will Jimbei lose as compensation for leaving Big Mom’s flag.


This time, the story revolves around Luffy and the others as then have a child-fantasy forest full of novelty candies.

As the retrieval team chased Sanji or someone impersonating him, the group went deeper and deeper into the forest. Luffy suggested to split up to find Sanji. However, Nami was confused on the actions of Sanji, and she sensed that something is off in the sweet forest. Nami also said that Luffy and the others are more interested in the sweets on the paths they want to take. Luffy, Chopper, and Carrot try to deny Nami’s accusations, but they are quickly distracted by the good features of the forest.

Double Luffy?

When the team finally found Sanji lying atop a tree, another Luffy suddenly appeared to everyone’s surprise.

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Looking closely at the clone, the other Luffy exactly look like the original apart from the scars and accessories that are mirrored. Astonishingly, the clone can also copy Luffy’s abilities like his flexibility as a rubber man and Luffy’s signature moves. As expected the fight resulted in a deadlock where Luffy’s moves are copied exactly by his mirror image.

All in All, the episode is a job well done for the production staff as they delivered a beautiful-looking slice of “One Piece.” For the most part, the entertainment factor of the episode was derived from the fun adventures of the Straw Hats and the hilarious jokes that came with it. However, the last minutes of the episode gave more impact with the double Luffy time.


The scene gave more spice into the latest chapter by providing some tension and action.

Episode 791 also brought up more questions especially Sanji who confusingly ran away from his teammates who came to save him. What awaits for the retrieval team inside Whole Cake Island? Catch “One Piece” simulcast every Sunday at 4:30 am EST.