Hey, "The Originals" fans. We're about to see a very desperate plan get proposed, and more in this upcoming finale episode 13 of season 4. There's not going to be any other options left to deal with the very wicked Hollow entity. Hope's life is going to be at stake. So, we're going to see one of the greatest sacrifices get made by the Mikaelson family. These very intriguing spoilers were revealed by the CW's press release via Spoiler TV.

'The Feast Of All Sinners'

The press release revealed that the title of this episode is "The Feast of All Sinners." To start their main description, they said that this is going to be the end of always and forever.

They put that part in all capital letters. After that, they went on to say that this finale episode is going to be quite explosive. The Mikaelson family is going to be in the midst of facing off against the very powerful and un-killable Hollow entity. Unfortunately, they will be all out of options in terms of how to battle it.

Largest sacrifice

To make matters even worse, they say that Hope's precious life will be at stake in all of this madness. With that fact in play, Vincent is going to offer up a very dangerous and desperate plan. They explained that this new plan is going to force Klaus, Elijah, Hayley, Rebekah, and Freya into a situation where they will have to make the largest sacrifice that their family has ever had to make. What will this huge sacrifice be?

Will they actually go through with it? Those are the huge questions for this scenario. For obvious reasons, they didn't reveal what this sacrifice will be in this synopsis.

There will be a season 5

It's slightly possible that they could end this one with a cliffhanger. However, since they got a pretty late season 5 renewal from the CW, they'll probably end this one with some closure in terms of all of the storylines this season offered up.

Yes, you guys can go ahead and celebrate the season 5. However, I wouldn't celebrate too hard because it looks like they're only going get another half season after getting full seasons in the first 3 outings. On a more positive note, a half a season is definitely better than no season at all. The jury is still out on exactly how many episodes season 5 will offer up.

We do know it won't be a full season, though.

The finale episode was written by Michael Narducci and they hired Bethany Rooney to direct it. Look for the CW to release a new preview clip for episode 13 right after tonight's episode airs. The finale is confirmed to air next Friday night, June 23, 2017 at 7pm central time on The CW.

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