ABC's "General Hospital" is still going strong, and this week has so far focused more on Jason and Sam Morgan. They had been put on the back burner for a while, but now are front and center with Sam's strange and unusual visions. However, things may settle down a bit as Jason is expected to get a job offer on Wednesday's episode. Who is it from and will he really take it?

Jason, you're hired...or is he?

Jason has recently been running all over Port Charles trying to shut down the chimera project once and for all. He is trying to protect his son Jake at all costs. Unfortunately, it may have taken a toll on his wife.

She is extremely worried about him getting hurt. You can't blame her as she thought he was dead a while back. They just had their second child and everything is supposed to be good, but it hasn't been.

In the previews for Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital," Michael stops by to chat with Sam and Jason, but it doesn't look to be just a friendly visit. He is seen asking Jason if he would be interested in working for ELQ. Can you imagine this former hitman in a suit and tie? It could be that he wants to hire him as a security guard. That may fit him a little better. Will Jason say yes?

Sam will be happy about it

In light of Sam's distress lately, she just wants Jason safe.

She certainly doesn't want him running around trying to protect Sonny Corinthos anymore. "General Hospital" spoilers suggest that she will be happy about this job offer from Michael and will encourage her husband to take it. He may just do that to keep her happy. If he does turn it down, that may just be more distress for her, which in turn could trigger more of those terrible visions of hers.

Can Jason help his wife?

Sam has been telling everyone that she is okay. She said that she has not had enough sleep with the new baby and she is worried about Jason. Of course, it looks to be much more than that. Jason is starting to catch on that something may be a little off, but he thinks it is just a lack of sleep, despite the fact that she was holding a huge knife in her hand yesterday.

He is expected to rush to save Sonny's life in Puerto Rico, which will put his life in danger. Sam could take drastic measures in order to protect Jason. Maybe working at ELQ will ease Sam's fears, but there really could be more to these hallucinations than just fear for Jason's life.

Will Jason get a clue that his wife needs more than just sleep before something bad happens? Do you think he should accept the job offer from Michael? Keep watching "General Hospital" this week to see how this will all play out.

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