"Fear the Walking Dead" is a spin-off series of AMC's "The Walking Dead" based on the comic by Robert Kirkman. It is a prequel post-apocalyptic drama to the popular show in which, the world is facing a zombie apocalypse. The first season of "Fear the Walking Dead" was released in 2015. The show is currently facing its third season and at only three episodes in the Clark family have landed themselves in yet another tricky situation.

New character Troy Otto is a sociopath who is obsessed with Madison Clark

The character of Troy, played by Daniel Sharman, was introduced in the very first episode of the new season.

Immediately fans can sense the dark undertones to this new member as he "processes" the Clark family into his base. Nick is being held at the base with romantic partner Luciana where they have witnessed first-hand the terror that is Troy. He is experimenting on people, turning them into zombies and calculating how long it will take them to turn.

Troy's eerie connection with Madison is instantly noticeable on screen. He is taken with the active mother, and as the series progresses, it is clear he is searching for a surrogate mother. However, Troy appears to want Madison all to himself. He finds Nick to be a threat and lets this be known by creepily breaking into Clark's house on the Otto compound.

Madison realizes the danger Troy poses for both her and her children and true to form; she begins to form a relationship between them.

Despite the fact that Madison nearly took Troy's eye out in the season premiere of "Fear the Walking Dead" the sociopath character is delighted that Madison has begun to "accept him." Long-time fans of the franchise will know that Madison has a dangerous plan up her sleeve.

Nick is desperate for revenge against the actions of Troy Otto and Travis does not survive the trip to the Otto compound

His families counter Nick's struggle for revenge needs to hole up somewhere safe. He witnessed the gruesome experiments plotted by Troy and was due to become a zombie before his rescue at the hands of his family. Nick was left powerless as Troy mercilessly culled the group he led to Troy's outpost.

The addict feels responsible for their deaths and is determined to do something to make it right.

Meanwhile, the second episode of the series sees the death of Travis as he is shot in the neck and falls from a helicopter. One has to speculate if his character will make a reappearance as fans of "The Walking Dead" series know all too well unless the death is shown on screen it doesn't necessarily mean the character is gone. However, with the combined bullet and fall one can assume that if Travis is returning it will be as a member of the undead.

"Fear the Walking Dead" is due to air its fourth episode on AMC this Sunday. The episode is titled "100" and judging by the trailer is set to gear up the action in the series. Fans will have to wait until Sunday to see what will happen to Clark's next.

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