Drew Barrymore is reportedly secretly dating a new man following her Divorce in 2016. The new found love is apparently David Hutchinson, who is a Senior President in a company called Maesa, reports the New York Post. A lot of people had noticed that Barrymore was tagging Hutchinson consistently on her Instagram posts. These led them to speculate that something romantic was happening between the two of them.

Hutchinson's company is the maker of Barrymore's "flower beauty products." According to one of the reports from the Belfast Telegraph, both were seen in Palm Springs last weekend as they attended a wedding.

The report also revealed that they headed to a restaurant where they ate their dinner.

Flower beauty

Apart from having a successful career being an actress, Barrymore is also a well-known businesswoman in "Flower Beauty Products," which she founded back in 2013. Since then, her beauty products became successful and were very popular as it was launched through magazines and e-commerce websites. She also expanded her business in Mexico.

Meanwhile, the Romance news between Barrymore and Hutchinson came after she ended her marriage with ex-husband, Will Kopelman. She has two daughters; Olive and Frankie. Their divorce was approved and finalized in April 2016.

During her previous interviews, the actress admitted that she is still going through the aftermath of the split.

Nonetheless, this recent news about her new found love made everyone because she has finally started to move on.

Picking herself up

Going through a breakup is not an easy thing. However, Barrymore has changed her perspective in life and she made use of hardships as her reason to pick herself up. Despite her split with her ex-husband, she still considers herself blessed and she has been willing to embrace the lessons of life.

Apparently, she is an ever-optimistic kind of woman. In one of her interviews with Pop Sugar, the actress shared that, "It’s blessings; it's lessons; it's hardship; it's life." She is grateful for surviving all the bad things that she has been through. Right now, the actress is hard at work making herself happy again despite the fact that last year was really a hard year for her.

Drew Barrymore doesn't want to be sad as she believes that eventually, sadness would envelop her entire personality. On the brighter side, her romance rumors have made her fans happy as Barrymore has started moving on gracefully.

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