Piccolo has always been one of the most skilled martial artists in the history of “Dragon Ball” and has given us a considerable number of exciting and memorable fights during his time in the series. We are going back to remember some of these great fights.

We are going to make a list of our top five Piccolo fights in the series including "Dragon Ball,” “Dragon Ball Z,” “Dragon Ball Super,” “Dragon Ball GT” and also the movies.

Let’s talk about the greatness of Piccolo because Piccolo has always given us tons of entertaining fights.


  • Piccolo versus Cell,
  • Piccolo versus Shan,
  • Piccolo against the Cooler armored guys and others.

Now, these first mentions below are not on the list, but they are memorable.

The World Tournament -- Tenkaichi Budokai 23

Piccolo Vs Krillin

These guys have never really had a rematch since this fight. It was really captivating how Toriyama made Piccolo fight against Goku’s best friend. If you recall, even when Krillin was killed by Piccolo senior, he was not the joke that he had become. He still was a pretty tough guy and it became a very interesting challenge for Piccolo.

This instance was the first time we actually saw anybody outside of Chaoz and Ten Shin Han using the flying technique.

This fight really showed how strong Piccolo Jr had become and the fact that he was going to be more dangerous than his father. What are your memories of this fight?

'Dragon Ball Z' movie – 'The World’s Strongest'

Piccolo Vs Goku

This fight was a throwback to the Goku and Piccolo fight from the 23rd tournament. Piccolo had become a zombie through Dr. Whelo and Dr. Kochin, so Goku had to fight him.


One of the best scenes was when Piccolo was going to attack Gohan, and Goku jumped next to him and fired a Kame Hame Ha deflecting Piccolo’s power. This was definitely a great fight and a real throwback to classic Goku and Piccolo rivalry moments that we have seen in the past.

This movie wasn’t very long, but it was very good -- most especially, this fight.

'Dragon Ball Z' – Frieza Saga

Piccolo Vs Second Form of Frieza

It took place on Namek. Piccolo had just come back to life. He fused with Nail and he got this incredible power and mental strategies he could use in the fight.

During the Fight, we had the second form Frieza who looked like a devil and was a really dangerous fighter. Remember that he decided to get this form after a little fight with Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin. Then Piccolo showed up like an alpha and started to fight with Frieza and actually outperformed him in speed.

So we had this fight well animated which was fun to watch. There was a big power blast and every time you watch it you are going to get a lot of nostalgia from the Toonami era. The way Piccolo was fighting makes you think he actually can take out Frieza.


He was so confident in his own abilities and that was a very cool thing to see because seeing Piccolo overconfident and overjoyed by this new amount of power he received, was very interesting for the series. Moreso, it was good to see that he was on the side of the good guys.

This was one of the earliest fights in “Dragon Ball” where we actually see the silent explosions: the ones that happen where they break the sound barrier and it would, of course, become a staple of the series in the future.

'Dragon Ball Z' – The Androids Saga

Piccolo Vs Android 17

If you haven´t watched this fight in a while, you need to go back and watch it. First of all, let's discuss the buildup. Piccolo made this challenge with Seventeen and put out all the conditions of the fight. They were duking it out and we saw several new techniques from both participants. Piccolo unleashes hell. There are shocking moments in this fight. For example, the amazing part where they’re punching and hitting each other so hard that they are denting their spines. Definitely, they tore each other apart.

One of the most awesome moments of the scene is when Piccolo powers up for the first time and he was overpowering Seventeen. There’s a point where Piccolo is making this white aura and Seventeen feels completely dominated by him. This is also the first time in the series where Seventeen was tested, because the last time we had seen an androids fight, was when they wiped the floor with the Z fighters. Now Seventeen is actually sweating and he is having a hard time.

23rd Tenkaichi Budokai - The World Tournament

Piccolo Vs Goku

The fight against Goku was the best fight in Piccolo’s life that we’ve seen in “Dragon Ball” and probably the best fight in the entire series. If you haven’t seen this fight, you are kind of hurting yourself.

The final of “Dragon Ball” anime has the best build up that Akira Toriyama has ever done in our opinion. We are talking about the rematch between Goku and Piccolo, where we see tons of techniques. They start to fight on the ground, Piccolo turns giant and Goku gets inside of him to grab the jug with Kami in it. They literally destroy each other, destroy the entire arena, and then, in the big finale we see Goku using the flying technique.

This fight defines what a great “Dragon Ball” fight is. Every fight in “Dragon Ball Z” after this moment, tries to mirror this fight. This is the definitive fight in “Dragon Ball” and to this day, it’s also one of the most violent and really stands out.

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