There’s only one hour left for the beginning of the Tournament of Power, and Universe 7 team is, once again, up to their neck in the matter of numbers of participants. Their recent incorporation, Frieza, will betray them all and defect to universe 4.

There have been many doubts and discussions on what would happen after Frieza was recruited to Goku’s team. The evil emperor is loved and hated by "Dragon Ball" fans. However, Cell was added to the discussion. The perfect Android, created by Dr. Maki might have been a great asset to the tournament if Goku remembered him, for we strongly believe he would have had the aptitudes and potential required to participate.


Is Cell better than Frieza?

The truth is that Frieza is far stronger than the power displayed by Cell back in his saga. However, the Android possesses the same cells as Frieza, the Saiyans (both pure and hybrid), earthlings and Namek warriors (Piccolo). He also had the ability to regenerate himself and a superior intellect. If he had been revived, he would have come back with a similar power level as the one of Gohan as a Super Saiyan 2. BUT if he were allowed to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, his power would almost inevitably increase and surpass who knows how many levels and barriers.

Would Cell be able to surpass Vegeta and Goku?

It is possible since Cell still had Zenkai boosts available (unlike Goku and Vegeta). So with all the training, aptitudes, potential and the fact that he had Frieza’s cells; it’s not crazy to think he could have gotten to a “golden” state.

And if we may dream and imagine some more, there could be an extra boost and control to the golden transformation thanks to the Saiyan cells. What a combination! We also think that because he managed to understand the weak points of the 'Super Saiyan Dai San Dankai,' he could have mastered the golden transformation rather quickly.


So the answer is yes. We believe he would be able to surpass both Vegeta and Goku, given the right context.

Sadly, Cell didn’t cross Goku’s mind, and he wasn’t revived. We don’t know for sure (we can speculate, but no more than that) if his soul is still in earth’s hell. If the team recruited Cell, Goku team wouldn’t be in the situation it is right now since we believe Cell wouldn’t have betrayed universe 7. Yes, he had the evil cells from Frieza, but he also had the proud ones from the Saiyan race, making him a proud warrior.

If we look back to when he defeated future Trunks, when asked what he was going to do, he had no idea. He just wanted to fight and prove he was the best. Destroying everything wasn’t in the android’s agenda. There’s a negative point for Cell too. Because of his Saiyan cells, he could make the same mistake twice.

We all remember what happened when he discovered that Gohan didn’t know how to use all of his powers. So ultimately, even though he wouldn’t betray Goku’s team, he could make this mistake again.


And against opponents like Hit or Toppo, there’s sure a high price to pay.

So who do you guys think is better suited for the Tournament of Power? Cell or Frieza?