Recently, the titles and synopsis for episodes 94-98 of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ were revealed, which spread across social media in a matter of hours. They have revealed extremely important information about what will happen in the series ‘Dragon Ball Super’. Up to this point the fan community has already found out about the next arc that will happen in ‘Dragon Ball Super’, specifically about episode 96, which will premiere on Saturday, June 24, with the following title: “Emergency Again! The Last Warrior is HIM?”

Frieza has betrayed universe seven. He has moved to the universe four team, and now the Z warriors are once again short one participant. There isn’t much time left, so Son Goku and the other members quickly leave for the tournament of power, but at that very moment, a mysterious person appears.


Right away, many theories arose about the tenth member who will surprise the Z warriors. Starting with Yamcha, who wants to be called upon to participate, but who no one remembers. In this article, we will try to offer up some options about who this warrior could be who will replace the evil Frieza on the universe seven team.


For the moment, even though many don’t want to admit it, Yamcha is the most feasible option. Just a few minutes ago, the actor who does the Japanese voice dubbing for Yamcha posted something on his Twitter that raised suspicions about his possibly becoming a part of team seven. Incredible, right?

Future Trunks

Trunks has gone too far, but we can’t rule out the idea that he has managed to return.

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We know that his arc didn’t exactly end well, and his storyline was closed leaving a lot of loose ends, which means it would be a good opportunity for the son of Vegeta to return to the series. Plus, he is in debt to Son Goku and Vegeta after having received their help to defeat the villain Zamasu.


He is another candidate who might appear. Even though he might be a good-for-nothing, there’s no doubt that he would at least help complete the ten-member team for this tournament of power. Plus, there are many who miss this warrior.

Majin buu

The idea that he would awaken has crossed many of our minds. We know that Wiss has sufficient abilities to awaken him, and even Beerus could do it with a powerful blow.


We know that this is the most logical option, but it will all depend on the producers of the animated series. On the other hand, we can’t rule out the possibility of a new fighter in a new fighter in universe 7, who could be of great help in this important tournament of power that will put every universe at risk.