Some time has passed since the end of Goku Black’s saga in the anime. It left many with a strange feeling after Zamasu merged with the whole universe and killed the entire human race (except Mai and Trunks). Zamasu’s evil plan would end after Zeno appeared and erased the entire universe. However, after this event, Goku took future Zeno to the past. There, Zeno from the future and Zeno from the anime’s present would meet and agree to organize the Tournament of Power. Even though it’s never explained what exactly Zeno made disappear, it is believed it was the entire seventh universe from future Trunks' timeline.

What happened with Daishinkan?

We know Zeno didn’t erase all of the 12 future universes.


Even if that were to happen, we believe Daishinkan, having lived millions of years with Zeno, may have a way to avoid being deleted with the rest of the universes. Also, we should remember what Whiss said to Goku and Bills what would happen if they lost the Tournament of Power: even if they lost and the whole universe was erased, he’d still live. So there’s a good chance Daishinkan could survive the destruction of the 12 universes.

If he is alive, where is he?

1) First of all, we believe Daishinkan is still in Zeno’s world, where the 12 universes are. Also, we think that in the absence of the king, he’s taken control of the whole future, being the temporary king of everything.

2) If he was to be the king of everything, he’d have the same tasks Zeno had.

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However, we may or may not have some changes here. Since Zeno has the emotional maturity of a child, his actions were born of pure boredom, curiosity, and/or self-amusement. Daishinkan, on the other hand, seems to behave more like an adult. As such, the decisions he’d make with the universes could change, being more mature, with different (or not) objectives. He could even have resolved to rebuild future Trunks’ universe. Then again, because he respects Zeno too much, he’d follow the same agenda, waiting for the king of everything to return.

3) As we know, traveling through space and time is forbidden by the very same priest, so he’d break his own rules if he decided to time travel. On the other hand, Daishinkan could be sick of Zeno and his “disappearance” could have meant some peace for the priest.


Also, there could be a chance that the time Zeno is spending in the present of the series isn’t as troublesome as it would seem. Maybe the concept of time that Zeno and Daishinkan have isn’t the same as the rest of the mortals, and thousands of years can pass until Daishinkan seeks Zeno.

Would you like to see future Daishinkan?