The recent episode 93 of the series "Dragon Ball Super" has left many of us completely intrigued to discover who the mortal could be who will participate in the tournament of power, and who according to Wiss, is much more powerful than the god of destruction, Beerus.

This has essentially triggered countless questions on social media, attempting to guess who this character could be who has reached, or more accurately, exceeded the level of the gods of destruction. Below, I invite you to discover the possible identity of this powerful being.

Stronger than Beerus?

To start, the fan community knows that right now, everyone is trying to figure out who this mortal could be who has powers that exceed those of the destructor god.


Wiss mentions that this character will participate in the tournament of strength, meaning that we at least have an idea that they will be found in one of the eight participating universes.

Jiren is someone who comes to everyone’s mind, the warrior who rose from the ashes, the gray fighter of the eleventh universe. The reason is that he has appeared very little in the series, and each time he has, there has been great mystery surrounding this character, and so it’s immediately clear that this warrior will give us lots to talk about. But will Jiren really be the one who exceeds the level of the powerful gods?

An incredible power of destruction

In the opening of the series, we see that Jiren has an incredible power of destruction, capable of fighting against Son Goku with no problem, turned into the Super Saiyan Blue God.

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In that same opening, we also see that Son Goku uses a higher level than the blue god, emitting a red aura, giving us the impression that he might be kaioken, or probably, the transformation of the full power Saiyan blue god that we saw in the manga in number 24.

Up to this point, we can see that the fight is becoming an epic one between two subjects with supreme power. However, in previous videos about the Dragon Ball Heroes video game, we can also note the presence of Jiren in individual battles against Hit, who he would destroy in a matter of seconds, and later on confronting Vegetto blue god, who he would fight with at the same level.

Logically, it’s just a video game, and we don’t know if it could really happen that way, but there is no doubt that it shows us the destructive power that Jiren possesses.


We remind you that episode 94 will premier next week and will reveal incredible information about the eradication of Frieza which must be prevented by universe seven. We will be reporting on any new developments from this series.