Dragon Ball Super” is revving up the pace of the Universal Survival Arc as the latest episode branched off into two interesting storylines. The first half of the episode featured the first-ever appearance of Kale in her Super Saiyan form which fans claimed is a heads up to the legendary Broly. On the other hand, the latter part of episode 93 portrayed Goku as he enlists his former archnemesis’ help for the upcoming Tournament of Power.

Fans are now on cloud nine, and many of them are asking if Kale’s transformation will be linked to the favorite Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly.


At the same time, fans are wondering if the Emperor of Evil will obediently cooperate with Goku or if he’s plotting something sinister against his bitter enemy.

Is Kale a Legendary Super Saiyan?

In the previous episodes, we saw Cabba teach Caulifla how to transform into a Super Saiyan relatively easy. The next up to learn the transformation is Caulifla’s protege, Kale. Unlike her mentor, Kale found it hard to transform using the method devised by Cabba. Caulifla suggested that they should infuriate Kale to force the transformation.

Caulifla tried a bunch of insults to Kale to no avail, but when Cabba gave it a shot, Cabba’s insults successfully pushed Kale to transform. However, Kale’s Super Saiyan is far from what Caulifla and Cabba had envisioned.

The two was terrified of Kale’s transformation that hugely resembled Broly in his Legendary Super Saiyan form. Kale’s aura appeared with a shade of green rather than the traditional golden ones. Apart from the aura, her body acquired a bulkier and muscular frame like that of Broly’s but with obvious feminine characteristics.


There are still no clues whether Kale’s transformation is the same with Broly or if it is entirely a different one. However, some of the lines that Kale said in the latest episode mirror what Broly stated in the movies when he faced Son Goku. Though there are no confirmations, there is a huge chance that Broly’s controversial character will be included in Akira Toriyama’s cannon.

Goku meets Frieza

With Buu’s sudden withdrawal at the eleventh hour, Goku has no other choice but to find a replacement for the pink cuddly creature.

However, his choice is rather a double edged sword.

Though all of his friends rejected the thought, Goku defended his idea claiming that his battle prowess will prove useful in the tournament. Goku also added that when Frieza betrays them, either he or Vegeta will defeat him on the spot. With no further objections, Goku proceeded with the preparations in reviving Frieza.

Frieza coordinating with Goku is a near impossible sight for “Dragon Ball” fans especially when it takes to consideration Frieza’s pride as a former Emperor of the Universe.


Knowing Frieza, he will plot something against our heroes and according to Twitter user @ZeeHallums, it has something to do with Universe 6’s Frost. ZeeHallums claimed that Ryūsei Nakao, the voice actor for both Frieza and Frost teased in an interview at Animazement that the actor just finished the recording of a conversation between the two look-alikes. The actor also added that the two are apparently plotting something dangerous.

It is not surprising to see the two aliens team-up. First and foremost they are both former emperors of their respective universes not to mention that both of them hailed from the same species. Catch Dragon Ball Super on Crunchyroll every Saturdays, 7:15 p.m. CST.