#Dragon Ball Super Universal Survival arc is about to end and once the Tournament of Power starts all eight participating universes will show their best martial arts performances. The latest episode has showcased Frieza’s Resurrection from Hell as Goku asks Fortuneteller Baba to revive the former emperor temporarily so he can represent Universe 7 in the battle royal. It was not easy for the two the two warriors as they were secretly watched by their enemies who sent assassins to try and take them down. However, it seems that one universe might just be wiped out as its #God Of Destruction plans something evil for Universe 7.

Sidra, Universe 9’s God of Destruction

“Dragon Ball Super” fans know that Sidra is known for being indecisive but calmer and more compassionate than the Supreme Kai, Roh.

Despite that, he dislikes Goku and the rest of the Universe 7 team members mainly because they have more edge in the upcoming Tournament of Power. Another reason is that he doesn’t like Goku’s friendly relationship with the #Omni-King. Therefore, he plans to wipe out Universe 7, including Frieza even before the battle royal starts.

Universe 9 is in imminent danger

When the “Dragon Ball Super” Universal Survival arc kicked off in February 2017, fans knew that there would be one universe that is bound to be wiped out entirely. Experts believe that the Omni-King will learn Sidra’s evil plan against Universe 7. As a result, the Omni-King will eventually punish Sidra and will wipe out his entire universe. After all, Goku has a closer relationship with the Omni-King and the latter won’t be pleased to know that his friend is being threatened by Sidra.

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Frieza transforms

The most recent episode of “Dragon Ball Super” has showcased Frieza’s battle against the mysterious assassins that Sidra sent in an attempt to destroy the former emperor to stop him from joining the tournament. However, Frieza is clearly no pushover as he promised to kill off the assassins who tried to kill him as he and Goku prepared to leave. The former emperor can be seen transforming into his golden form after his body went soft in Hell. The badass warrior showed how ruthless he is as he finished off the assassins.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 94 also showed Frieza’s sarcastic apology to his soon-to-be victims for killing them off without any ceremony. Fans know that he used to control his own army and he was feared for being ruthless in power. However, there has been speculation that he might betray Universe 7 and will represent Universe 4 through Quitela’s efforts. The latter is Universe 4’s God of Destruction, who has been secretly planning with Sidra against Universe 7.