A few moments ago, the first images of episode 93 were leaked. Caulifla and Keeru, the two Saiyan women can be seen training with Kyabe before the Tournament of Power. We will now analyze these pictures.

As you can see in the gallery, we first see Caulifla as a Super Saiyan 2. The young but prodigal warrior from universe 6 somehow managed to get to the second level of the Saiyan transformations in just hours, which is quite remarkable.

In the next image, we can see Keeru, a young and introverted Saiyan in her most violent and powerful state. I think you all have guessed by now we’re talking about the Legendary Super Saiyan. This young and shy girl unlocks this form after reaching the Super Saiyan 1, releasing an enormous quantity of energy.

Can Keeru control her power?

So far it remains to be seen if Keeru can control her power; meaning that everything we’ll talk about will be mere speculation as we haven’t seen the episode yet. However, in the leaked image, we see an evil and insane smile on Keeru’s face. This denotes an emotional instability, which could be a consequence of the transformation.

Broly, even though he is not part of the main story, had the same features. The Legendary Super Saiyan from the movies looked like a regular guy, but when he let his emotions loose; his killer instinct was unleashed, leading to the destruction of almost everyone and everything around him. We don’t know for sure, nor have any information if it’s going to be the same with Keeru. There could be a chance she may be able to control herself without making a decision she’ll surely regret in the future.

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However, after releasing so much energy she may have emotional sequels. It is a legendary transformation after all…

Will Kyabe power up as well?

To be honest, Kyabe wasn’t treated as an important piece in this chess game. However, there doesn’t seem any reason why he wouldn’t power up as well. He’s a prodigy after all, just like Caulifla. His base level was already strong and just like his student, we believe he’ll reach Super Saiyan 2 level in this episode. However, considering he’s already with the spiky hair style, there won’t be a major difference. Just like Vegeta (referring to the looks, not the power itself).

We remind you that episode 93 will be available tomorrow and yes, we are very excited to see Saiyans from Universe 6, but let’s not forget Goku and Frieza will be seeing each other’s faces too. If you want to see the trailer of this episode we’ll leave the video for you.