Without a doubt, Black has been one of the few villains that in one way or another have achieved their objective by killing all humans, despite the price he had to pay afterward. The evil actions of this character make us wonder many things about him, even if a lot of time has passed since the end of his saga.

Even though the series revealed interesting details and facts, others were left inconclusive. However, today we’ll focus on a question from fans that took form right after the beginning of the actual arc:

What would happen if Goku Black was alive?

Let’s pretend Black was still alive and found out about the Tournament of Power, then decided to participate. As you all know, this major event will have the participation of the most powerful warriors from 8 universes.


So, which universe would Goku black represent?

To explain this we must say that Goku Black is actually Zamasu, who is from the 10th universe. However, Goku Black’s body belongs to Goku, who’s from the 7th universe. This may be confusing and won’t let us get to the final conclusion right away.

If we think appearances are everything, Black should participate in the tournament as a fighter from universe 7. On the other hand, we may consider Black Goku’s spirit is from universe 10 and, because he was a Kaioshin, his essence was born from the Kaiju tree, making him a contestant from universe 10.

So Goku Black looks like Goku, so he should fight for universe 7. But due to his origins, it is hard to decide which universe he would represent. However, we think that if he was still alive and resolved to participate in the tournament, he wouldn’t be allowed since he’d be considered a Kaioshin. And we all know gods aren’t allowed to fight in the Tournament of Power. That way, what’s really important is the essence of who you really are, not the body you use. Therefore, we can say that if Goku Black was still alive, his request to participate would be denied.


And who knows, maybe he’d be eliminated right there, considered as an anomaly from time and space, from the destruction of a whole universe.

It should be clarified that this is a simple speculation and any similarity to what happens in the future of the series is pure coincidence.

Next, we will show you the progress of the upcoming chapter of the “Dragon Ball Super," with some leaked information about this saga. Enjoy it, and stay tuned. In the meantime, we await the arrival of the next chapters.