The “Universal Survival” arc of “Dragon Ball Superis getting pretty intense as its latest episode "Emergency Development! The Incomplete Ten Members!!" revealed the coming of an old villain.

Now that Majin Buu had to leave the Tournament of Power as he fell into a ritual sleep, Goku now had to find a way to replace him. However, it looks like the one coming in replacement of the pink alien will be quite dangerous.

Fans should watch out for Frieza in Tournament of Power

Goku is eyeing to have Frieza to fight for Universe 7 in “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power.


However, as the father of Kuriza is known for being the catalyst antagonist of the entire franchise, there are strong assumptions that he is about to betray the famous Saiyan during the event.

The voice actor, Ryūsei Nakao, of the villain recently graced the Animazement event and teased Frieza's storyline in the upcoming battle. He warned that fans should watch out for the big bad especially when the competition begins. A Twitter user named Zee Hallums also shared the statement of the star.

Ryūsei apparently revealed that he just finished recording the conversation of Frieza and Frost and the two are said to be “scheming together.” Another fan with Twitter ID Gravity Priest supported Hallums claim, adding that the characters are going to meet and make a plan for the battle.

The actor also added that his translator refused to explain how Frieza will team up with Universe 7 as it contains a major spoiler.

However, the star allegedly hinted that there will be some unusual alliance of the universes happening in the tournament in the last-minute shake-up.

Champa’s plan to make Frost fight might backfire

It is not surprising that Frieza will form an alliance with Frost to create hell in the Tournament of Power and Universe 7. It has been known that the prince and the emperor of the universe is one of “Dragon Ball” universe’s most enduring antagonists.


In fact, he has been around since “Dragon Ball Z.”

Frost, on the other hand, is known for being in the same race as Frieza. He even used to have the control over Universe 6 mirroring the evil ways of the King Cold’s son. He, then, became a renegade when his space pirate origins have been known to the public. Now that he has been forced by Champa to fight for Universe 6, it seems like the battle is about to go wrong.

Crunchyroll and Funimation secured the rights to air the “Universal Arc” saga of “Dragon Ball Super” as part of the simulcast agreement.

It airs on Crunchyroll every Saturday at 7:15 pm CST while Toonami airs the animated series’ English dub on Adult Swim at 11:30 p.m. on the same day.