The thrill is about the return as the former Emperor of the Universe Frieza to is still rising. Now that Majin Buu has fallen asleep and won't wake up for at least 2 months, Frieza has become Goku and Universe 7 Team’s last resort.

Episode 95

Title: “The Wickedest! The Evilest! Fieza Runs Wild!”

Synopsis: Frieza against the murderers of the Universe 9!! Sidra and the Supreme Kai Rou sent assassins.

Goku returns from hell after recruiting Frieza for the Tournament of Power. However, the enemies from Universe 9 have prepared an ambush for them. Against this army of assassins, Frieza unleashes his “#Golden” power and the battle begins.

The synopsis confirms that Sidra will finally carry out his plan to take out Frieza before the Tournament of Power begins, sending to a group of assassins in complicity with Quitela, the God of destruction of the Universe 4. As you all know, he previously had sent a spy To Universe 7 to gather intel and overheard that the "Emperor of Evil" would return from the dead.

Remember that some rumors that surfaced this week suggest that Frieza will betray Universe 7 to join Quitela's team as well as the emergence of a mysterious warrior who will join Goku and his friends, but this information seems to be false asToshio Yoshitaka said.

As you can appreciate in the image galery, we can see the recently leaked screenshot of Frieza with a halo over his head as he transforms into “Golden Frieza”. In his face, we can appreciate the typical sarcastic and overconfident smile that has been the last terrifying sight of his so many victims.

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But why does he have that expression?

There are two possible reasons for this:

1) He might be laughing at Sidra and Quitela’s army. It wouldn’t be strange that after destroying the army sent by the Gods of destruction to kill him, Frieza would make fun of them. After all we must remember that in his Golden stage, he has almost the same power level that of Goku has in his Super Saiyan God Blue transformation, and for this reason the army sent by Sidra and Quitela would barely be a nuisance for him.

2) He might be laughing at Goku. As you all must know by now, Goku will try to keep Frieza from cruelly murdering the army sent by the Gods of destruction, and for this reason Frieza will laugh at the Saiyan’s “kindness”. Anyway, and despite Goku’s efforts, we believe that he will keep slaughtering his enemies one by one.

How is it possible for Frieza to reamin in his “Golden” stage for so long?

Without doubt this will be a theme to further analyze, but as a first impression we believe that being dead, his body wears off much slowly than when being alive, and that may be the reason why his “Golden” stage, far from being perfected, will still consume much less energy.

Anyway, he should not abuse from this transformation since his body isn’t fully accustomed to it and will still consume far more energy than it should, shortening his resurrected time as it happened with Goku and his #Super Saiyan 3 transformation back at Majin Buu’s saga.

If we recall, when Goku transformed into Super Saiyan 3 while fighting against Majin Buu, his time was drastically shortened as he used most of the energy he needed to remain in the living realm to maintain the transformation. Frieza may very well suffer from the same consequences in the Tournament of Power should he abuse of his Golden stage, resulting in a catastrophic loss for Universe 7’s team.

Thank you for reading this note and stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Until next time! #Dragon Ball Super