The synopsis of episode 96 of “Dragon Ball Super” tells us that some mysterious character will join Beerus’s team, and the rumor has it that it will be no other than Goku’s father, Bardock.

What does the net say about this?

According to the social networks polls, the 80% of the fans think that Bardock will appear in outsides of the Multeverse tournament and will join Universe 7’s team, while the 10% think that Yamcha will be filling the gap. Then we’ve got a 5% that is confident that Majin Buu will wake up from his sleep, and the last 5% that think that the last member of the team may be Paikuhan, Monaka, Hercule or Cell.

We still have no official confirmations on who will be filling up the gap left by Majin Buu and Frieza’s betrayal, but analyzing the different information we’ve arrived at the following possibilities:

1) Yamcha, who longs for joining the Tournament of Power, will finally be invited by Goku.


2) In the second opening of Dragon Ball Super,” we can see Majin Buu walking the arena of the Tournament of Power along with the rest of Universe 7’s team, so it is possible that the pink demon will finally wake up.

3) Paikuhan is a very powerful warrior and although he had no participation in the official manga, he did appear a few times in the anime. He may very well show himself before the Multiverse Tournament begins.

4) Future Trunks, Vegeta’s son from the future, has an ability to show himself in the direst of the moments and maybe this will not be the exception. Maybe opportunely he decides to visit her mother Bulma and finds out about the tournament and the situation the entire Universe is facing and decides to return the favor for the many times in which he had help from the Z-Warriors, and save the day.

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5) Although a villain, Cell is a warrior that never had the intention of seeing the Universe destroyed. As his Saiyan cells demand, he only wished to fight a warrior that is stronger than him. He can be a powerful ally for the Z-Warriors.

What about Goku’s father?

Of course, theoretically speaking, Akira Toriyama can find a way to introduce Bardock to the contest since nobody knows what truly happened to him after Frieza’s attack to the planet Vegeta, and it is unknown whether if he is dead or alive.

Of course, the vast majority of the fans wish to see Bardock’s flaming comeback in “Dragon Ball Super” since he is a character that has managed to earn their love and it is through him that, according to Toei Animation, the legend of the Super Saiyan transformation came true.


Still, and as we said before, there are no official confirmations on who is going to be the 10th warrior filling Buu’s gap whatsoever.

Zen-oh from the present time is Goku’s friend, and it would seem that he supports Universe 7 the most. It is rumored that the Grand Priest will be charged with the responsibility of destroying the defeated Universes in the Tournament of Power and that the winner will receive the Super Dragon Balls.

Thank you for reading this note and stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Until next time!