In the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” relationships hang in the balance, but so does Frieza’s (voiced by Ryusei Nakao) life. Sidra (voiced by Yasuhiro Mamiya), the God of Destruction of Universe 9, apparently plans to defeat the vicious God beforehand for an easy win.

'DBS': episode 93 recap – ‘You're The Tenth Warrior! Goku Goes To See Frieza!!’

In the 93rd episode of popular anime TV series, Son Goku’s (voiced by Masako Nozawa) idea was met with hesitation from his comrades. Despite that, he embarked to the afterlife and received King Yemma’s (voiced by Daisuke Gori) consent to visit Frieza. There, Son Goku explained to Frieza about the Tournament of Power and asked him to become the 10th member of team for Universe 7.


The latter agreed to help him on the condition that he is resurrected with Earth’s Dragon Balls. Son Goku hesitated to agree, but Frieza drove him forth by playing on his desire to see how powerful he can be. With this, the former accepted his terms and then asked Fortuneteller Baba (voiced by Mayumi Tanaka) to bring him back to Earth for only 24 hours.

'DBS': episode 94 spoilers – ‘The Emperor of Evil Returns! A Reception of Mysterious Assassins?!’

Since there is only one hour and thirty minutes left until the Tournament of Power, the representatives of Universe 7 – Son Gohan (also voiced by Masako Nozawa), Vegeta (voiced by Ryo Horikawa), Krillin (also voiced by Mayumi Tanaka), Android 18 (voiced by Miki Ito), Android 17 (voiced by Shigeru Nakahara),Tien Shinhan (voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa), Piccolo (voiced by Toshio Furukawa), and Master Roshi (voiced by Masaharu Sato) – are now making their final preparations.

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However, it will not be an easy ride for Son Goku as Sidra will apparently go after Frieza to lower Universe 7’s chances of winning. Sidra has reportedly teamed up with Quitela (voiced by Yusuke Numata), the God of Destruction of Universe 4, and enlisted mysterious assassins to destroy Frieza.

Here’s how the anime series will end

As the Universe Survival Saga heats up, manga artist Toyotaro has given fans an idea of how “Dragon Ball Super” will end. At the 2017 Napoli Comic-Con, Toyotaro said they were prepping in order to to direct the on-going anime series into the original “Dragon Ball Z” ending. So, it will be interesting to see just how that translates.

Stay tuned for more updates as they arrive.


While waiting, check out the promo for the upcoming episode 94 below: