There’s a lot of anxiety going around after finding out that the evil emperor will be back as a member of the Goku Team in the tournament of power organized by Zeno and Daishinkan, after Majin Buu went to an undefined sleep lapse and by consequence, unable to participate.

During this episode’s trailer, we saw how Goku arrives at earth’s hell and after his arrival frees Frieza from the cocoon he was being held in. After that, we see both of them having a small conversation before Frieza goes Golden Frieza, leaving us right at the start of what could be their battle.


As you may know, only 3 hours are remaining until the tournament begins and there is no time for long and exhausting combats.

Goku’s priority is to recruit Frieza and make him participate because of his great power. This is controversial since he’s placing his trust in his worst enemy. However, because many still don’t understand why they will fight, we’ll proceed to explain the reason this could happen.

They have to fight

One of the reasons of they would have to do battle is the very same anger Frieza feels towards Goku. We may even see an attack from behind.

As we know, Frieza hates Goku’s guts, and it wouldn’t be weird that after being released from the cocoon, he tries to attack him, keeping in mind he was defeated twice by him.

On the other hand, we think that Goku may want to see Frieza’s full power, just like he did with the other recruits. He may have an idea of the emperor’s power, but he wants to make sure of his chances against the overwhelming odds the tournament of power has since the other rivals are far more powerful.

At last, what we have left to think is that Goku may want to help Frieza get over his weakness.


Yes, as crazy as it sounds, during their last match, the Saiyan easily found out Frieza’s weak point. It was the enormous quantity of energy Frieza consumed to keep up with his Golden transformation.

So Goku could have doubts about the effectiveness of this transformation and might resolve to aid Frieza in this matter. Even though this seems to have its own logic, it would never be in the top 10 of good decisions Goku has ever made, and since we don’t know what Frieza may do after the tournament, all of this could not end nicely.

If he was to betray Goku after the fights with his golden state stabilized, he could prove one formidable enemy and bring more problems to the Z gang.

Next, we will show you the progress of the upcoming chapter of the “Dragon Ball Super," with some leaked information about this saga. Enjoy it, and stay tuned. In the meantime, we await the arrival of the next chapters.