Episode 93 of “Dragon Ball Super” has just finished airing, and from the way the story goes, fans would be surely waiting for another unpredictable twist along the way.

Akira Toriyama, the anime creator, is slowly getting the characters of all the other participating universes introduced in the series. For a series of episodes already, viewers were given a glimpse of what the other universes are doing in preparation to the much-awaited battle royale. While things are starting to heat up, another set of spoilers for the next episode are here.

Episode 93

After so many theories and speculations, finally, viewers get to see Goku and Frieza. Previously, we speculated that in order for the villain to agree with Goku’s invitation, he would ask something in return for his participation.


And so, in episode 93, he asked the team leader of Universe7 to wish for his revival through the seven dragon balls should the universe win the Tournament of Power and does not get destroyed.

In the same episode, fans also witnessed the super powers of Universe6 and how easily Saiyans in that planet can transform into Super Saiyans. In fact, when Kale transformed into one, we did not just see a Saiyan but a legendary one at that. With Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale possessing tremendous power and fighting abilities, viewers can expect a good fight from the said universe.


The episode 94 of “Dragon Ball Super” is titled, “Resurrection of the Evil Emperor! The Mysterious Awaiting Assassins?!” According to the latest spoiler, teams are making their final preparations for the upcoming tournament.

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Goten and Trunks were in charge to look after things while Android 17 is not around. Goku and Frieza continue with their talk about the Tournament of Power. Meanwhile, In Universe 9, Sidra is plotting to bring in destruction. Given his resentment against Universe7 and the news that the villain will fight on their side, he plans to do something to defeat the universe before the tournament even started easily.

Sidra’s plan

Universe 9 in “Dragon Ball Super” is not very much given the spotlight. Sidra, the god of destruction, has been bitter against U7 since the start of the Universe Survival Arc. He was one of those who was enraged when the decision about the destruction of the losing universe was announced.


Upon hearing the news that the super villain is going to fight in the U7’s side, the God plan to destroy the team by killing Frieza easily.

While his plan is yet to be unveiled, fans know that killing the supervillain is a near impossible task. Will the god of destruction be able to execute his plan? All these and more in the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super.”