Many are the clues left by the last episode of "Dragon Ball Super", being the most relevant the return of Frieza, and the conspiracy Universes 4 and 9 are scheming against Universe 7. It would seem that the rivalry and the hatred every other Universe has against Universe 7 is really something to note. And it seems it’s all onGoku and Beerus, since the first one is responsible for the celebration of the Tournament of Power and the grim fate that awaits to those who will be defeated in it (although it was never the Saiyan’s intention to see other Universes destroyed), and the second one because it would seem to have cultivated more enemies than friends in the other Universes over the centuries.


Now the God of destruction Quitela, from Universe 4, seems to be focused on seeing Beerus destroyed, along with his entire Universe.

On this scenario, surely Universes 4 and 9, which are twins, surely will form an Alliance against Beerus and Goku’s Universe 7. What Sidra and Quitela are aiming at is to take Frieza out of combat, or even out of the Tournament before it starts. It is obvious that they know that Frieza has an enormous power and that his participation in the tourmanet can be decisive. Maybe they will try to resurrect villains so that they may kill the former emperor before the Tourmament of Power begins.

While on the Tournament of Power

Although this conspiracy is a theme to note, we must also analyze the terms in which Frieza accepted to join the tournament. Of course, we are talking about his second resurrection via Earth’s Dragon Balls. Should Universe 7 win the Tournament of Power, Frieza would secure his resurrection and the chance to train and fight against Goku yet once again. The villain has successfully tempted the Saiyan into seeing his new stage of power.

This of course is surely a scheme devised by the Emperor Of Evil to achieve resurrection to train harder, evolve one more time and finally defeat Goku and his friends once and for all.


This is however, quite odd since we know that Frieza, (such as the Saiyans he hates), is a proud warrior, but we also know that he has cheated Goku in the past, making him believe that he repented with the solely intention to kill the Saiyan the moment he lowers his guard.

What may come next

Now what we still don’t know is if Frieza will be showing a new evolution during the tournament, or if he intends on training after the contest to achieve it (should Universe 7 win). This would look kind of odd, since we’ve already had a “Resurrection of Frieza” saga, and making a similar one could not be in the best interest of the franchise and the fans.

However, how would you imagine a new transformation from the former emperor? Would Frieza show us a new transformation during the tournament, or after it? Will he merge forces with another villain and try to destroy Earth and take revenge on Goku one more time?