There are only a few days until the new #episode 94 of "#Dragon Ball Super," and here you are with our first taste of things to come in the future. These are the very first spoilers and the very first bits of information. Episode 94 already has a title leaked, so check this information because is all brand new.

Episode 94 will be available on June 11th, called Kame Hame Ha day, and they even use the word resurrection again.

What is going to happen?

Title of the episode: Resurrection Of the Evil Emperor. The Mysterious Awaiting Assassins?

We already know that Frieza is being resurrected this episode, this spoiler confirms beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it's not just a one shot episode, he is here to stay.


Trunks and Goten look after things while Android seventeen is away. Actually, this is one of the conditions of seventeen in order to participate. We are going to see Goten and Trunks after a very long time, Somehow they will be messing around the island, and they could damage it in some way.

Goku Heads The Artlife To See Frieza?

This is interesting because from all of the preview information we all thought that Goku was going to go to the afterlife in episode 93 which is airing this weekend. Does he leave and come back? That would be a weird thing. Maybe he goes down there and then afterward goes back up to get permission.

Does Sidra attack Frieza?

For those who forgot Sidra, is the troll elf looking God Of Destruction from universe 9, the boss of the trio of danger.

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Sidra holds a grudge against universe seven, he is probably salty about the exhibition match thing. Now that he knows that Frieza will become a team member, he plots to ensure an easy victory by defeating him before he can join. Now, there are two possibilities here. Sidra may hire assassins from universe 9 to take out Frieza or possibly Sidra himself will go to the afterlife and try to defeat Frieza.

We know that Sidra can beat even ghosts, in other words, if you are a ghost, a god of destruction can still kill you, and this is not something exclusive to the gods of destruction because if you remember in "Dragon Ball Z" when Goku and Vegeta are fighting Kid Buu, Goku says Vegeta "if you die again, you are wiped away from existence".


So, just because Frieza is dead doesn't mean he can't be killed again.

It is going to be really interesting seeing a god attempt to destroy Frieza

What are your expectations for this tournament? Do you think it's going to start soon? Is Frieza having big troubles?

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