During the last "Dragon Ball Super" episode (92), Vegeta destroys the HTC for a second TIME. We know that this Time Chamber is located deep within the temple of Kamisama, and his attendant, Mr. Popo, asked Vegeta before not to destroy it.

Because many still can’t find logic to this or don’t understand how it is possible to someone destroy the HTC, since it is in a completely different dimension, we’ll explain why and how the prince does it.

Why did you do it, Vegeta?

First of all, let’s go through Vegeta’s motives for having destroyed the HTC before. The first time he destroyed it, was right after returning from Trunks’ future, after Zamasu and Black Goku defeated him, Goku and future Trunks. Because of this, the prince of all Saiyans was enraged, for he had been humiliated by his foes and just in case that wasn’t enough, his family was brutally slaughtered in the future, and his son would have to suffer for the villains’ acts.


Feeling powerless and frustrated, Vegeta’s power induced by pure Wrath completely destroyed the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

We think that this second time, his reason to destroy the HTC was just pride. The moment he entered the temple, Mr. Popo warns Vegeta not to destroy the Time Chamber, because if he did that, he would never get out of there, being trapped forever. Vegeta could have taken that as a challenge. And you know that if you challenge the prince of an entire proud warrior race, he’ll rise up to it.

So how did you do it, prince?

is in another dimension is simpler than it seems. As you may know, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber’s entrance gate connects two different realities; The HTC reality and our own.

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If we go back to the Buu saga, the evil pink monster created a dimensional hole in order to escape. In this case, Vegeta is far more powerful than Buu back then. So the prince could have simply opened more than a one-dimensional hole and by consequence, the energy flowing through these holes destroyed everything.

Also, Vegeta didn’t find himself trapped in that place. This could be because he destroyed the very same walls that separated dimensions and realities, and if there are no walls to separate one dimension from another, he found himself out of the HTC (or what was left of it). The power he used was so great that, who knows, he could have even destroyed the whole earth if he was out of control!

Next, we will show you the progress of the upcoming chapter of the “Dragon Ball Super," with some leaked information about this saga.


Enjoy it, and stay tuned. In the meantime, we await the arrival of the next chapters.