Brad Pitt is back and he is hotter and sexier than before. The Hollywood actor has appeared in Jim Jefferies’ show and he tries to portray the role being a Weather Man. He delivered a weather report following the US President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change. Apparently, the weather man career suits well on him. Jefferies has jokingly announced that the show's weather man will be forecasting the weather to help them understand the climate change. Everyone was surprised when a sexier Brad Pitt came out.

Future forecast

As the Jim Jefferies’ show continues, Pitt has materialized in order to give the latest weather update.

He emphasized that weather will become a lot hotter and warmer in a certain area. The actor was pointing entirely at the map while answering series of questions that Jefferies were pointing at him.

Further, the show host has also asked him about the future forecast and Pitt jokingly replied, "There is no future," while everyone was laughing at him. Basically, this isn't the first time for the actor to take on public roles that deal with environmental issues.

To recall, the actor has established his own foundation following the hurricane Katrina, which devastated homes in New Orleans. In line with this, the actor has set forth a certain foundation that will help those victims in rebuilding sustainable homes.

Paris Climate Change

Brad Pitt's skit in the Jim Jefferies' show is meant to make fun with the recent withdrawal of Trump in the Paris Agreement.

Apparently, he was hilarious as he acts out the role of a weather man. It is known that the said agreement deals with the decision to limit the emission of carbon and it has been duly signed by several countries except for Syria and Nicaragua.

However, everyone was stunned when the news broke out confirming that Trump has withdrawn from it. Hence, Pitt jokingly made fun of his role while saying that their country will experience a blazingly hot weather temperature across the states.

Meanwhile, it wasn't also an accident that the actor has become one with nature when he had a photo shoot in the Everglades National Park for a certain magazine cover. It has been his first gig following his divorce with estranged wife, Angelina Jolie.

As of now, it seems that the Hollywood actor has been moving forward from the recent situation of his married life.

Meanwhile, fans are also getting more excited to see more of Pitt on TV and a lot has spoken out that the renowned Brad Pitt is definitely back.

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