The first story arcs of a new anime series can make or break the overall performance of a new title. The same goes for the spin-off series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations that follows the story of Masashi Kishimoto’s epic “Naruto Shippuden” series. The space left by the beloved series is a tough act to follow, but so far the series is performing above the expectations of fans.

The new title is part of the Ghost Incidents where a mysterious force is possessing people and draining them of chakra.


As the story unfolds, we learned more about Naruto and his family after the 4th Great Ninja War. With the current story slowly going into the climax, adverts circulating in Japan teased that Sasuke and his family will receive the spotlight on the next story.

Next focus is on Uchiha Family

For avid fans of the “Naruto” series, we all know how Naruto and Hinata became lovers in “Naruto: the Last Movie” last December 2014. We also witnessed how the two of them spoke their wedding vows in the last episodes of “Naruto Shippuden.” However, Sasuke’s life after the war remains a mystery as well as does how Sasuke and Sakura became husband and wife.

According to Saiyan Island, the next arc will focus on the Uchiha family and their relationships with each other. The next arc will also explain where Sarada got her red glasses.

Upon seeing the adverts, hardcore fans are fast to speculate the upcoming arc will take afterNaruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring.” The sequel manga was made by Kishimoto after the original series wrapped up and the story takes place 15 years after the Great War. The manga also served as the prequel for “Boruto: Naruto the Movie.”

Anime to adapt the manga?

Seeing how the story is unfolding, it is highly possible that the next arc of the anime will follow the “Naruto” mini-series.


Chronologically, the manga takes place sometime before the Academy graduation which our heroes are currently attending. However, there are no further announcements on where the anime will lean on the manga for the next story arc. Either way, the “Naruto Gaiden” story is very nice to adopt because it will feature how Sarada deals with Sasuke’s absence in her early years. The story also features an interesting villain named Shin Uchiha.

With no official confirmation coming from the show makers, we can only speculate on the future events of the “Boruto” anime.

The showrunners always have the option of making Sarada’s origin story into a flashback and develop a whole new story for the anime. For now, let us wait for the Academy’s graduation that will serve as a clue how the new title will go with the manga.