Life is hard when you are a kid; even more, if you are a son of an influential person like a Hokage. In the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” our little hero’s relationship with his dad is getting worse with every minute. Boruto failed to prove to his family that he had awakened their clan’s powerful eye technique, but that doesn’t mean that he will give it up right away. On the other hand, Naruto saw through Boruto that he is not lying about awakening an ocular jutsu. Unfortunately, Naruto didn’t mention any of this to his son.

Boruto vs. Hanabi and Kagemasa

The story continued where the series left off last week and Boruto went into a sparring match to test out if his Byakugan truly manifested.


Instead of his grandfather Hiashi, Boruto faced his aunt, Hanabi in a short but exciting match. For the record, the fight contains the best raw action sequence of the series so far with dynamic movements and excellent animation. Boruto went all out with his aunt and forced Hanabi to use Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven to repel Boruto’s shadow clone attacks. Seeing Boruto’s fighting style, it seems that he has combined his parent’s taijutsu and made it his own unique style of martial arts.

Though episode 9 is above average in both tone and execution during the first part, the latter half of the story reverts to the victim-of-the-week formula of the series. Just when it seems that we are progressing into the main plot, the series finds another way to sidetrack the story.

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Despite the fact that the latest episode is rather dull, episode 9 offers up another exciting fight scene and as consolation a tribute to Naruto and Sasuke from the original series.

The victim of the week is the actor who portrays the Evil Jammer Kagemasa. Due to stress and insecurities, he gained weight, and because of this, his movie sequel was canceled. The shadow specter then possessed the miserable actor. Good thing Boruto was there to save the day and this time, Sarada was there to help him. After a good fight between the actor, the duo took down the guy by using the same trick their fathers used when battling Zabuza and Haku, each fulfilling the same role their parents did.

Sai and his mysterious discovery

With incidents happening all throughout Konoha, the higher ups cannot turn a blind eye to what Boruto now calls Ghost events.


Boruto is still determined to learn about his dojutsu and the ghost incidents affecting his friends. Together with Shikadai and Mitsuki, Boruto will conduct their investigation to stop the events once and for all.

According to the official synopsis for the upcoming episode 10 titled “Ghost Incident, Investigation Begins,” Boruto, Shikadai, and Mitsuki will enlist the help of their teacher Shino. However, things will not go well as teased by the synopsis. Meanwhile, Naruto issued a separate investigation, and the Hokage entrusted the mission into his former teammate, Sai. The apathetic ninja will use all of his experience in the Anbu Root division into the investigation, and he will make a dangerous discovery.

What could bai’s big discovery be? Tune into “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” simulcast on Hulu and Crunchyroll every Wednesdays 5:25 pm +08.