Ever since the spin-off series, “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” kicked-off last April, out little hero had multiple encounters with a mysterious dark aura that is making people berserk and leave them drained of chakra. Boruto and the others now call the dark aura ‘ghosts, ’ and they are now determined to catch the culprit behind the attacks more than ever. However, there is little to no lead to start the investigation and the three academy students resort to wandering the whole village looking for any ghost incidents.

The ghost incidents are escalating further with more villagers becoming victims to this mysterious power, and during an investigation, Sai found an important clue for finding the phantom criminal.

Boruto goes ghost hunting

More determined than ever, Boruto was desperate to crack the ghost incidents to the point that Boruto skipped class together with Shikadai and Mitsuki. Apart from solving the case, he is eager to prove something to his father. That is why Boruto is working hard to catch the culprit before Naruto or any of the adults does. However, skipping class causes more problems than solving one.

Shino, as a victim of a ghost himself, understands Boruto’s sentiment and to support his students, Shino revised his lesson plan to give our heroes the needed time for their investigation. Shino announced that the students could have a workplace experience where teams of three could visit a workplace to observe and learn. Boruto and the gang chose an occupation that required walking around the village so they could hunt for ghosts.

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Sai’s big discovery

With the number of victims skyrocketing in a short span of time, the proper authorities of Konoha cannot turn a blind eye on the so-called ghost incidents. Sadly, there is no common thread that connects the victims that will serve as a lead. The incidents started off within the Academy grounds but it suddenly became random, occurring at a different time and place on each attack. With no plausible data at hand, there is no way they can crack the case.

Fortunately, there is Sai and his monumental discovery. Sai found traces that a forbidden technology, specifically the Hashirama Cell, was used in the attacks. Sai found traces that a wood-release jutsu was used and knowing that only a bunch of ninjas know how to use the unique jutsu, Hashirama Cell is the only explanation. During his time on the Anbu Root, Sai also heard that a team within the secret organization was working on Hashirama Cell to produce a weapon that can steal someone’s chakra.

All in all, episode 10 feels like the series is setting up a grand confrontation between our heroes and the mysterious guy pulling the strings on the ghost incidents.

The episode did a good job of balancing the huge plot progression with bits of laughter and leaving the sense of intrigue with the viewers. Though far from the usual action-packed installments of the series, a huge amount of information was disclosed that pushes the story into the next level.