After a series of jaw-dropping episodes, Attack On Titan continues to bring more heat to the plate as the Survey Corps approached the giant forest where Reiner and the others are taking a break. However, the expected action-packed Episode 35 turned out to be an informative one that gives us a significant dose of the lore and the actual nature of titans. Though far from the expectations of many fans, the episode provided great information on the lost history of the Titans. Sadly, the details disclosed in the latest chapter raised, even more, questions than answers.

The mystery of Titans unfolding?

The episode kicked off with some Survey Corps soldiers returning to Connie’s village in hope to find any clue where the Titans magically emerged within Wall Rose.


Based on the soldier’s investigations the there is something wrong in the village. Going further the village, the soldiers came upon the same titan lying in Connie’s house. Out of curiosity, one of the soldiers compared Connie’s family portrait to the face of the Titan, and they discovered that the Titan and Connie’s mother very much looked alike.

Meanwhile, more information was disclosed when the episode featured Ymir’s tragic past. The series dropped numerous clues about the Titans and the existence of civilization outside the walls. Unfortunately, there are a lot to dissect in Ymir’s flashback scenes where answered questions lead to a lot more questions. What is the cult where Ymir served as a figurehead? Who is the soldiers or police that opposed the worship? How did the soldiers manage to transform Ymir into a mindless Titan?

A strong guess is that the answers to all these questions can be found in the basement that Eren’s father mentioned.

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Traitors vs. Survey Corps

Being the only Titan fighter under humanity’s flag, Eren is an indispensable asset to all humankind. They even dubbed Eren the final hope of humanity, so it goes without saying that they have to retrieve him at all cost. The Survey Corps advanced into the giant forest to save Eren from his kidnappers, but the only one that they found was Ymir in her titan form.

The peculiar thing is Ymir doesn’t respond to any of her comrade's question, and she just looked at them one by one as if looking for someone or something. When Christa approached Ymir, the titan jumped into Christa and swallowed her whole to everyone’s surprise. Ymir then dashed off to the edge of the forest where her partners in crime are waiting.


In the preview for the next episode, the Survey Corps will continue to pursue the escaping traitors. As a last resort to save the hope of humanity, Commander Erwin will do an unthinkable do or die strategy. Will Hannes become the next casualty of the chase?

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