#Attack On Titan#Season 2 ends with episode 37, “The Scream.” Tear-jerking and exciting, that’s how many fans would describe the season ender which lifted the storyline from the “Charge” episode cliff hanger. Many high punches jabbed straight to our stomachs when the characters and the storyline opened up for something unexpected.

According to Inverse, the heroes have been dipped lower in the ensuing chaos shown in the previous episode. Soldiers are dying one after another while Eren and Mikasa have been knocked down terribly. On the other hand, Amin is barely capable of protecting Jean while Commander Erwin has already lost one of his arms.

In a situation where everything seemed helpless, it got worse when the “Smiling Titan” came out. This seemed to be the end of everyone. Eren was left in shock resonating how the same Titan killed his mother; his partner Mikasa was obviously no match for the beast in her severely injured state.

Death, nobody saw it coming

But out of all people in the scene, Hannes volunteered himself and waged his valor to face the cunning enemy. He is up to redeem his lost battle face and avenge Eren’s mother. The mighty mustachioed soldier previously rose to the occasion to save the kids instead of dealing with the ill-smiling titan.

He did really well in the beginning of the fight and even successfully landed a strategic hit on the enemy’s Achilles tendon. But in classic “Attack on Titan” fashion, he was caught off-guard in mid-air where the Titan quickly devoured him.

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Still a happy ending

The heroes are in shock, helpless in the situation. Mikasa is still too weak to mobilize a defense. Eren, on the other hand, suffers gnaws at his hand for losing the capacity to transform. Out of pure frustration, he threw punches at the Smiling Titan’s outstretched hands while it snacked on his other victims.

It was an amazing show of courage that broke out into a powerful awakening of his then passive “Coordinate” ability. This newfound ability allowed Eren to lure other Titans to leave their dose on nearby humans to attack the Smiling Titan to shreds. After that, he was able to redirect these Titans towards Reiner’s Armored Titan.

The “Attack on Titan” season ender culminates in the same fashion season 1 ended, everyone went to regroup deep inside the Walls.

'Attack on Titan' season 3 major tease

Spoiler alert! Fans who were able to witness the season finale got their first tease of the upcoming season. First, season 3 is confirmed to continue in 2018. But the second one is a tease on where the storyline is heading; season 2’s final moments have exposed that the ferocious Beast Titan is actually disguised as a Titan Shifter.

Now the real and major question is who could it be and how it will shape up “Attack on Titan” season 3? #anime