"Yuri!!! On Ice" is one of the most popular Japanese Anime Series that has drawn global fans because of its unique storyline. When season one ended, fans are asking for more and are patiently waiting for "Yuri!!! On Ice" Season 2 to come. But new reports are saying that there will no longer be another season for the series.

One thing that made the anime popular is its unique plot. Instead of the usual fighting storyline, it is a sports anime series which depicts the professional and emotional relationship of two male figure skaters. It's LGBT plot is indeed different which is both funny and romantic. Because of this, fans would like to see a continuation of the story of Victor Nikiforov and Yuri Katsukiv.

The anime is famous not just in Japan but in different parts of the world. When the show aired last year, US viewers could also watch it via online streaming on Crunchyroll. Funimation also released an English dub version of the anime so more people could enjoy the series. Hence, it is also possible that the second season, as well as the movie, will be released in the USA as well.

Season 2 canceled?

Fans of the anime are aware that a movie based on the series is currently in the works. Reports are saying that because of the film, "Yuri!!! On Ice" Season 2 is no longer possible, or there will be a delay in its release. But fans are still confident that the second season will be out before the year ends.

According to creator Mitsuro Kubo, she still has some material left from season one.

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She also said that the movie is not a mere compilation of the series, but it is an entirely new film about the characters. But since they are working on a full-length movie, it is possible that the said material will be used for the movie instead of using it for season 2.

Aside from the film, reports suggest that another installment is uncertain because the anime is not based on any story like a novel or a manga. Since it is an original anime, there might be no more stories to tell about Yuri and the other characters. But the creators of the series might come up with a story especially that the anime has a huge following and this can be profitable on their part.

Why Season 2 is possible

The ending of season one shows that season 2 will possibly happen. To recall, Yuri did not win the Grand Prix series, and he might join the competition once again to grab his dream title finally. There are also theories that Victor will go back to the competition which we might see in season 2. Fans are excited to see both Yuri and Victor in the arena as they compete to be the world's champion in figure skating.

Since the first season premiered in October 2016, fans are saying that the next season might be out October this year. But this is not yet confirmed by the creators of the anime. However, fans are still positive that "Yuri!!! On Ice" Season 2 is happening despite reports that it will be canceled.