Without a doubt, the Tournament of Power will be very different from all the others we’ve enjoyed in the past. For this reason we believe that the outcome may also be very different as well. The tournament will last for 48 minutes, and this is the main reason why some believe that a draw is certainly possible -- an outcome that would be brand new in the “Dragon Ball” franchise. Should the contest end up like this, we’ve devised 3 possible ways in which a winner could be determined.

First theory

Pleased by the high level of battle, Zen-oh may agree to a final match in which the captains of the remaining teams would fight against each other to finally conclude the contest. For instance, if things were to end in a draw between Universe 7 and Universe 11, the battle would be between Son Gohan and Jiren (should he be named the captain of Universe 11’s team).


Second potential outcome

Another posible theory could be that in the final match, the two remaining warriors manage to defeat each other -- as was the case in the battle between Gohan and Lavenda in the exhibition tournament organized to show Zen-oh the beauty of combat. In this case, the outcome would, ultimately, be different, since there would be no warriors left to crown the winner. Should this happen, the Gods of those Universes could engage in battle to determine the winner.

Third option

The third viable option in the event of a draw would be a battle between the protector angels of those universes, which would be a very similar solution to the second theory, where the Gods of destruction battle it out to determine a winner.

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As we mentioned in a previous note, all speculation points to the fact that Gohan will be the one chosen to shine in this saga, especially after the confirmation that he will be the one leading Universe 7's team as the captain.

On another subject, we believe that the short time given to conclude the contest will be critical to its ultimate outcome, since, no matter how strong a warrior might be, it would be very hard for said warrior to defeat all 70 warriors in just 48 minutes.

With the addition of the former emperor, Frieza, it is also possible that Universe 7 will be one of the strongest teams of the tournament, since there are at least 5 warriors with a fighting level similar to that of a God: Android 17, Goku, Vegeta, Frieza and Gohan.


Yet, this guarantees nothing given the nature of the tournament’s rules, where sheer brute force could easily be overcome by superior strategy.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.