New revelations, as well as new rumors, keep coming out about the upcoming events in the "Survival Tournament" of the "Dragon Ball Super" saga. Just a few moments ago, new information was filtered about two of the most powerful warriors in the Japanese saga created by Akira Toriyama and his right-hand man, Toyotaro.

According to the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, Goku and Gohan could once again opt to merge as a last resort in the Power Tournament, just as they did in the last “Dragon Ball Super” saga to defeat Zamasu in the Future Trunks saga.

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Seeing the mighty Saiyans merged would be an exciting thing to witness as part of the Tournament of Power. Although we know that both are fighters with extraordinary strength and dedication, it's still not known whether or not fusions and mergers will be allowed in this Tournament of Power.

It is possible that such tactics might be forbidden, and that such a fusion could violate the rules of the tournament. Ultimately, viewers will just have to wait and see. Right now, though, whether or not fusions are allowed is in a kind of grey area.

The plot

When the God of all, Zeno Sama relayed the rules of the tournament, at no point did he mention whether two or more subjects could come together and merge during the tournament. One question that could be asked by many is why the merger has not occurred between Goku and Vegeta. The fact is, however, that Vegeta is extremely proud and will not lower himself to the level of Kakaroto to make the merger known as Meteor -- even if it means victory. That is why Vegeta will not fuse with Goku.

What is the Metamor Fusion?

The Metamor fusion lasts for 30 minutes, and the power level that this fusion exhibits is equal to the the sum of the two fighters combined.

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If they want to do the Metamor fusion, they will need the help of several fighters to protect them while they are doing it. If they succeeded, they could win the tournament by eliminating all the other participants, since Goku is at Giren's level, and, if we take into account adding the power of Gohan to the mix as well, that is some serious strength and power to work with -- enough to rival and surpass just about anyone participating in this current Tournament of Power.

"Dragon Ball Super" is easily one of the most exciting and engaging sagas of the entire series. It has been rumored that Freezer will join Universe 7 on account of the fact that Majin Buu fell asleep and cannot wake up. Stay tuned to see how the saga unfolds.