This week on "The Young and the Restless," spoilers reveal that some characters will face a roller-coaster kind of situation. Victoria will be seen seeking for her father's help in order to bring back Brash and Sassy to their company. Apparently, the Newman enterprise is currently in a big trouble. Basically, bringing back these two will help them alleviate their problems. As per latest spoilers, the Professional Hockey League disaster deal has been causing financial troubles to the Newman's business. Hence, this will make Victoria decide to return to their family business.

The Newman faces huge business issues

"The Young and the Restless" spoilers reveal that Victoria will ask the help of her father over the problem that their company is facing. On the other hand, Victor seems to be a forgiving father since he will always forgive his children for whatever they did to the company. Their company problem started when the first-born of the Newman took over the business.

Later on, Billy boy took control, and eventually, Jill took over his place. Jill makes use of the situation in order to bring Billy and Victoria together. However, when situations started to be out of control, Jill decided to sell the company to three people whom she had hired before leaving the town.

As the business issues start to develop, Victoria will take over the business and will follow the advice of her dad. On the other hand, Billy will think of the possibility that he will finally win back Victoria. However, spoilers reveal that Victoria will never be going back to him and Billy has to stop winning her back again.

Nikki learns Tessa's truest color

As "The Young and the Restless" episode continues, spoilers reveal that Tessa will be showing off the other side of herself that has never been shown before. Basically, Nikki will learn about Tessa's true color when both of them will have their encounter with Noah.

Further, Tessa will never anticipate that this rocker chic who has been dating her grandson can also blow out certain attitude just like what she can give.

Basically, Nikki will not allow anyone to step on her. Further, she will not put up with anyone's attitude at all.

Meanwhile, spoilers also reveal that Chelsea will be a step closer to finding her sister Chloe. However, she will have to sort out some puzzles in order to finally track down Chloe and bring her back to the right place. Hopefully, it will not take too long for Chelsea to find out who the real killer is.