The past episode 88 of "Dragon Ball Super" left us a final talk between Gohan and Picollo which left with many doubts to the fandom due to a comment that did the young Saiyajin after the training with its teacher. Gohan, he mentions to Picollo that it would be useful to create a new technique for the power tournament, being this a fusion or a combined technique.

These words mentioned by Gohan confirmed the fact that fusion dance would be possible in the power tournament and would be allowed. Otherwise, Gohan would not have proposed such a thing.


However, many did not pay attention to that Gohan and Picollo could develop a fusion for themselves, uniting their bodies and creating an unstoppable warrior.

Is it possible that Picollo and Gohan merge?

Of course. It would not be unreasonable if the merger in the tournament is allowed. On the other hand, if we talk about fusion dance, the stature of Gohan and Picollo is similar and the only thing Gohan should do is match his KI to that of Picollo in order to carry it out.

If possible, will we see a fusion between the two characters?

That it is possible does not mean that we go to see such a merger.

Although the argument is extremely interesting and ends up defining a link of extreme trust between student and teacher, it would be rare to see a merger of both and doubt that this is in the minds of the scriptwriters of the series. Equally, however strange it may be to see such a thing, that does not mean that it is not going to be a unique moment.

Fusion or combined technique?

From our perspective we believe that what Picollo and Gohan will develop is a combined technique. Both are very intelligent and are currently in optimum physical condition.


Added to that, they are great strategists and together they could develop a combined or technical attack. Picollo is a great developer of techniques such as "makankosapo" and Gohan could learn from his master as he did throughout his life, developing a similar technique or another that fit well with the special technique of the super warrior nameku, forming a High impact technique and power that would serve to get several warriors off the power tournament platform.

Without a doubt, anything that Picollo and Gohan will develop together will be something epic and one that is eagerly awaited to see in the power tournament.

For you, what technique would you like to develop? Or maybe, do you prefer Picollo and Gohan to merge? Whatever your response, I'd love to read it in the comment box.