Hey, "The 100" fans. It sounds like things are going to really heat up in this big season finale episode as the clock will be ticking for the end of the world to arrive (potentially). The crew will be forced to make impossible choices to ensure that they can actually stay alive. Even though The CW gave us a very short and vague description, we still have them to thank for these storyline spoilers, delivered in their newest episode press release.

Nuclear Apocalypse

The title that they gave this episode seems very fitting. They named it "Praimfaya." This is certainly in reference to the nuclear apocalypse that will be arriving.

They begin their description by telling us that the world will be in danger of actually ending due to the arrival of Praimfaya (nuclear apocalypse).

Running out of time

They're definitely going to be running out of time to stop it. How much time will the crew have to alter this horrific outcome? Will they be able to pull off the ultimate rescue of the planet? These are the huge questions for this storyline. We'll definitely have to tune in to find out, because, for obvious reasons, they want viewers to see for themselves.

However, they did give us one last piece of information. They tell us that the crew is going to be put in a position where they will have to make decisions that they're describing as impossible in order to actually make sure that they continue to live.

Will they be able to make these impossible choices? Or, will they fail miserably, ushering in the destruction of the entire world?

Brand new 5th season

I'm guessing that they might end this season with a huge cliffhanger because they did get renewed for a brand new season back in March 2017. Usually, when that happens, the producers come up with a finale episode that leaves fans eager to see what will happen next.

That's all the written spoiler info that we have for episode 13. However, we do expect The CW to deliver a new preview clip later on tonight after the episode finishes airing. You'll definitely want to keep an eye out for it, because it should certainly reveal some extra scenes and details that weren't mentioned in the press release.

Dean White directed this episode

We have some production credits that reveal that this episode was directed by Dean White, and that Jason Rothenberg wrote the script. We can also confirm that this finale episode is set to hit the airwaves next Wednesday night, May 24th, 2017 at 8pm Central Time on The CW.

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