Jenelle Evans is facing a huge decision this week. The "Teen Mom 2" star is heading back to court to face her mother, Barbara, who has full Custody of her son, Jace. Barbara has had custody of Jace since he was just a baby because Jenelle was unable to take care of him. The agreement between them was that she would be getting custody back once she was back on her feet, but it has been years and her mother refuses to give Jenelle custody of Jace.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that tomorrow is a big day. Evans is going back to court to learn whether or not she will get custody back.

Since losing Jace, Evans has had two additional children, she has gotten an education, and she recently moved into a custom home she's built with her future husband, David Eason. In other words, Evans seems more than ready to gain custody of her son.

Jenelle Evans going through a rough time

It's no secret that Jenelle Evans is going through a rough time. One can imagine she's very nervous about the outcome, as the judge could rule against her. Even though she has her life back on track, Evans does have a lengthy record of mugshots, bad decisions, and drug use that her mother and her mother's lawyer could use against her. And Jenelle knows this, so she asked her "Teen Mom 2" fans for support on Twitter this morning.

Jenelle Evans selfish for focusing on her own issues?

Fans of the "Teen Mom 2" star fully support her and they want her to get custody back of little Jace. However, one person thought she was selfish for asking fans for prayers and support, considering there was a terrorist attack last night in Manchester, UK.

"How about pray for the 22 children and everyone killed and the 59 hurt in the senseless bombing also??" one person wrote to Jenelle Evans after reading her tweet about prayers. And when one person said that it was alright for Jenelle to focus on her own issues, the person replied, "So very true and I totally agree with you but can you tell me where that tweet is from her?

[Because] I don't see it do you??"

He later added, "Oh well truth hurts. I met her in Myrtle Beach not that long ago she hangs out with a friend of mine she's so fake way worse than you c on tv."

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' tweet about the custody case? Do you think she should be asking fans for support or do you think she has every chance of gaining back her son? And do you think she should be slammed for not tweeting about the terrorist attack in the UK?

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