We were talking about the return of Broly to the franchise in Super Saiyan God, Saiyan to which Goku and company had to cope with the movie The Super battle. Yes, this time trial will manifest an imposing power from the dark Dragon Balls. Want to know more details?

Today, the fourth update of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes," the arcade card game, was launched on the market. On this occasion, the special guest is Turles Xeno, who returns to the franchise possessed by the Dark Dragon Balls. This new stage of the game will bring with it two new playable arcs: the survival of the universe and the arrival of Mechikabura.


"Super Dragon Ball Heroes" is a world that is far from the canon of the series, but the continual transformations that are unleashed in this universe, as well as the designs of the characters, continue to intrigue fans and players.

How did you like the new trailer with the arrival of Turles? Who will be the next opponent to debut in this successful game of cards?

The video game 'Dragon Ball Heroes'

It’s a game available only in Japanese arcades. The game uses a card system, but instead of buttons, the player has to move the cards on the game board.

The game offers 7 playable characters to attack the opponent, and also features many new characters who have not appeared in games like "Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi" or the raging blast. The new ones created for the games have the typical Saiyan tail and other characteristics prominently featured in the world of Dragon Ball.

How the game works

The cards that are used are sold in mallets, in addition to other special cards that are sold together with special material from Dragon Ball -- promoted in the magazine V-Jump.


The letters of the characters selected for the battle are distributed. There are a certain number of turns and different strategies involved, as moves made by players are interpreted as an attack, defense, or a combination of the two. The main objective of the game is to beat the main missions, and fight against the CPU or online.