A few days ago, Niantic launched a new anti-trap method along with new changes in “Pokémon GO." After Niantic implemented these new changes, players are not feeling good, especially cheaters who use bots, IVs calculators or other third-party apps in the game. According to the Pokémon GO Hub, “Pokémon GO” users who use any third-party app will no Longer see rare Pokémon and will only be able to catch common creatures, like Pidgey and Rattata, among others.

Cheaters in “Pokémon GO” will no longer be able to buy items in the store, that is to say, they will no longer get incubators, lucky eggs, baits, pokeballs and other interesting items.

Niantic is still updating the game before the release of its major update

Niantic continues to update the "Pokémon Go" app in order to clean the game and prevent the thousands of users who continue to affect other users by cheating to get the most prized items and capture the most difficult Pokémon in the game. Apparently, Niantic aims to eliminate all cheaters before the launch of the "Legendary Pokémon," which, according to Niantic developers, will arrive this summer. So if you do not want your account to be banned, there are three apps that you should avoid. However, you should know how to use these apps and when.

What apps should you not use?

The first app you shouldn't use in the game are the bots, which are programs that play for you and level you up in a very fast way.

The second app you should not use is the IVs calculator, that tells you how strong a particular Pokémon is. If you have installed any of these apps, you should immediately uninstall them and remove their permissions from your phone. There are certain apps that change your location, such as GPS and Fly GPS. It is also recommended not to use these applications, because, sooner or later, Niantic will realize that you are cheating and you will most likely be banned from “Pokémon Go”.

Pokémon that cheaters will no longer see

Larvitar is one of the prized Pokémon that players will no longer be able to capture if they are cheating on “Pokémon GO." Like this creature, there are many other Pokémon that will not be available in the game for these kinds of players. It is worth noting that Niantic is still working on new features, as well as new interesting changes, to improve its augmented reality game.

The game developers announced some new changes a few days ago and players are excited to try them out.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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