While they are probably not wearing an eye patch and running around saying, “Avast, me hearties,” some genuine pirates have reportedly gotten hold of a copy of the Disney blockbuster movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” They are threatening to release it online.

Bitcoin ransom demanded

The hackers claim to have a copy of the unreleased movie, which they are threatening to leak online unless Disney pays an enormous sum in the online currency Bitcoin. Deadline reports that the hackers say they will release the latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" film in increments until their ransom demands are met – and paid in full.

E! News reportedly contacted the Disney studio for comment. Reportedly CEO Bob Iger had briefed ABC News employees about the hacking incident on Monday, but Iger didn’t confirm that the film in question is the latest “Pirates” release.

As reported on Blasting News, a similar hack happened recently related to Netflix, where hackers released all ten episodes of season 5 of the popular series “Orange is the New Black.” Netflix refused to pay and the episodes are reportedly still available online.

FBI is investigating the hackers, but they will be difficult to trace

The FBI is reportedly investigating the hostage situation and Deadline says insiders have said Disney is not planning to concede to the hackers’ requests.

Deadline quotes Hector Monsegur of Rhino Security Labs – a former hacker turned FBI informant – as saying it won’t be easy for the FBI to track the culprits down. Monsegur said it is difficult to work, as the FBI has to backward track the attacks, which is almost possible, as there are various hackers involved who could literally be based anywhere.

He gave the example of an Egyptian hacker, using Russian software, which makes it appear as though it is a Russian hacker when the hacker is actually based in Egypt. He said hackers are also very much aware of the techniques the FBI would utilize to track them down.

Meanwhile, the fifth and latest installment in the “Pirates” franchise is very much anticipated by fans.

Johnny Depp once again stars as Captain Jack Sparrow, who will be coming up against Spanish actor Javier Bardem as the villain in the film. As can be seen from the trailer below, Bardem is not his usual handsome self.

Orlando Bloom will be reprising his role as Will Turner, Geoffrey Rush will be playing Captain Hector Barbossa and Keira Knightly is once more involved as the "Pirates" character Elizabeth Swann.

The U.S. premiere of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” will be held in Los Angeles on May 18.